Question on EOS

I was farming him last night and I came across a time where I killed him and nothing happened afterwards. He didn’t spawn in and no loot dropped. Has this happened to anyone else?

yes, just once out of maybe 200 times so far. No big, just reset and went at him again

i had a fake Shadowtrap double in the Eos fight yesterday. weird things happen…

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Were exactly do you find EOS?

Last last last DLC boss.

I know that, but what’s his location though?

That has happened to me as well. I tried shooting him. In hind sight, I think it’s just a hologram that is part of the process like Lilith, and other characters chiming in as holograms with little audio during the fight.

his location is right after the Cortex. You have to travel through the subconscious and end up going through the Cortex to eventually “Eclipse/EOS” boss fight. When you drop in the area is says “Deck 13.5”

I hope that helped.

I got a second wind off of one during Eos.

Ok, thank you!

Happened to me aswell while i was recording :frowning:

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I was just farming EOS and i saw the Shadowtrap double randomly on one run aswell!

I didnt have the no loot appearing yet tho, luckily. But atleast i wont be suprised if it happens now xD

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Hilarious! That has happened to me as well. So cool that you captured the glitch on vid. LOL