Question on how skill tree wotrks

I have played a lot of Borderlands, but just for fun and relaxation, rather than trying to technically pull it apart. I generally just play solo using whatever I find along the way. After playing all the characters (several times) I got fed up with the same playing style and decided to try different builds (finally).

As I begin to think through skill tree choices, I wondered how skills with the same boost interact. For example Axton, Impact and Onslaught both boost Gun Damage. Maybe its a bad example but for the sake of the argument is the result additive to Gun Damage ?

I think those two are both additive, but not all are? There are some pretty elaborate formulas out there (or they were lost on the old forum?) that show how all these skills combine; we need to find one for Axton’s skills.

This might help.

Thanks, just what i was looking for.

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If you have any other Q’s about anything Axton, this is full of info.