Question on how to use slam mechanic

Good faith question here: how is the slam mechanic supposed to be used in regular gameplay?

I’ve goofed around from time to time, genuinely looking for opportunities to use slam with whatever bonus is on a relic, but at no point have I ever been able to integrate it into a sustainable loop. This is mostly because I find M2 and M3 enemies too dangerous to spend time climbing onto ledges to simply Mario pound on top of.

I’m guessing there’s an intended gameplay loop I’m missing, but I don’t really get it

Are there any examples or tips that might help? It’s a cool concept I’d love to utilize.

its by far the most fun action skill but also the worst, phasecast is second to coolest but due to annoying militants with perma damage immunity and certain skills of “fist of elements” there is only phasegrasp to use effectively.

in my opinion, slam would be more effective if either its damage or cooldown would be greatly buffed.

Ohhh no I mean the slam mechanic. Not the siren phaseslam skill.

If you climb like 3 inches higher than you can jump, you can hold crouch to do this kinda skilly Mario smash, which the game has you use to progress in various quests. It also buffs that mechanic with various equipment. However, it’s quite hard to use in any practical way because of the setup time required. I don’t know if they intended to allow you to use it on a regular jump or what, but as it stands, I can’t figure out how to integrate it into combat and justify using a relic or tool that buffs it.

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oh, tbh same story, its just as useless specially the mechanics “gain 5sec a damage reduction shield” im not sure how often the developer believes a player should slam

  1. not closely enough areas to activate it
  2. damage and radius are a bad joke
  3. totally vulnerable to everything
    i totally agree i never used it and never saw anyone doing it except falling faster in skyfall. maybe if the items with slam effects would last longer/be stronger people would actually use it.

Ah. Okay. Yeah, I feel maybe the height required to activate it should be lowered to regular jump height? If it was placed on a cool down, which it already is with the stand up animation built in, maybe that would make it useful?

It’s kinda fun to use incidentally from time to time, but I definitely don’t feel like those designing the gear for it were familiar with the actual way the game was designed.

Edit: oh… This is a TPS carryover. I bet they just expected you to always be really high like in TPS with all the low gravity. In that game, it was more useful.

Okay 100% they didn’t account for bl3 being different and probably just kept the same height requirements in the mechanic.

It’s opportunity skill, if you see an enemy below you can slam for high damage provided you have a good relic. I have a fire relic that drops extra projectiles for extra damage and area (should have gotten a screenshot), it’s devastating for flesh enemies and can even punch through shields in some cases. Also, afaik it doesn’t get debuffed in MH3 except for the element, so it’s dependable damage.

For someone like Zane that is very fast, he also can jump real far and hit enemies at distance.

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the developer seem to have 2 kinds of legendary gear

  1. the most effective like grave or victory rush
  2. things like you launch rockets when slamming or activating a shield

sure those extra effects sound and look cool but those items are so useless on late game


My friend plays Zane and equipped one of the ones that leave a Tesla coil for funzies but she’s only been able to use it if standing up high. Is there some way Zane’s skills synergize?

I agree. If it were normal height to activate slam it would be used a lot more. Currently the only time I actually slam is when I’m running around waiting for quest dialogue to end jumping and slamming, or waiting in a friend to finish sorting inventory lol. Major wasted opportunity with slam because it could be pretty neat. In reality the time it takes to jump up on something and jump back down you could have mowed the enemy down with a gun instead of pretending to be a monkey.


Seems like a missed opportunity to add gameplay diversity to players who would use this as an opener were the slam height to be lowered or made easier.



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Hahaha noticed that. But your reply was way funnier.

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Slam artifacts are just there to act as low-desire options to fill out the loot pool and make it harder to get the actual good combinations.


slam is for the boss or mayhem play . you will got explode or lift up by explode or boss slam you
and you just hold crouch . when land.

element only active when slam . but When you guardian rank is high . or serious lucky . you will got amulet is give you elment boost directly . and that a serious rare drop ever. even in white grade. its very … serious rare.

so … at this time. a good thing from that amulet is only 3 line option on description .
its already overpower . better than nothing


Not really, but with some skill you can jump off cover, barrels and it should be enough to reach the necessary height.

Mainly, my leveling build was based of speed buffs, hipfire and moving like a bat outof hell, that put me naturally in high ground very often.

I would 100% use slam if in higher mayhem modes the enemies entered ffyl… I mean it’s an npc so there’s no hard feelings for t-bagging it.

As is, I just use it to a) escape floaty situation after claptrap first pilots Sanctuary b) spend less time in free fall entering boss fights

You’re not “funning” right if you do that. You must float. It’s important!

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Slam would be awesome if players could double jump. Even if it was slow to setup, I’d still use it all the time. It’s the need for finding geo to jump off that makes it too circumstantial to be useful.

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Takes un-smoked cigar half way out of mouth

Speaks in overly fake British accent

“I do declare: If only development would drop everything they’re currently working on to fix this one thing, the game would be nigh perfect. There is nothing more urgent than my minor issue I am thinking about right now, I am very smart”

∆∆ that’s my imaginary pretentious British know it all who wants this change ∆∆

But also I totally agree with you.

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Slam relics should also enable double jump so you can actually slam reliably.