Question on how to use slam mechanic

Playing F4ak, slam feels completly useless feature in this game, dunno how its with other 3 heroes, but I never saw other player activly using slam.

Fun Fact/Useful tip: You can use a “Spark Plug” relic to do some massive damage to bosses like Ravager and Tyreen using the coil that plants into the ground after a ground pound. With Tyreen for example, after you climb her and shoot the top eye she’ll toss you up into the air. If you aim correctly you can slam back down onto her back, then plant a second coil into the ground in front of her. The coils will do continuous damage while in proximity to her, even to the point where you can lock her from flying away, burning through her phases. You can also use the coil to take care of the pesky bugs flying around by climbing Tyreen and then slamming down to plant a coil. Helps if you’re getting annoyed by the adds knocking you off her leg. Have fun!


Oh! And to use it against Ravager, climb the pillars in the center area and ground pound from there.

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Or I could just, you know, shoot them, and they die even faster. :man_shrugging:

The mechanic is really under-utilised in Borderlands 3. You will ever only use it on the side missions that require it and when you are traversing Skywell-27. I would like to see it used more in DLC.

That is all.

I’d seen a video on that!

That’s true and it kinda speaks to the issue I was having. I wanna use Mario Pound. It would add more variety to my Super-Kill-Badguys-For-Fun time.

You’re telling me. But also, I’d like it to be practical. The moxxi legendary relic would be awesome if I could use slam as a combat opener or in combination with a singularity grenade to kinda bring things in then smash them apart.

Certainly the people who imported slam didn’t intend all the game mechanics and gear associate with it to be in that one area, no? Seems silly for the design team to create gear in a hundred plus hour game around 2-3 hours or gameplay.

After talking to people here, I’m becoming convinced it was just an untested feature maybe imported from TPS for fun but not really practically applied, thus leaving it nearly useless.

Here are a few tips I got from my last run, not saying it’s the best way or will work for everyone, but hopefully it gives you some ideas to use it better:

  • Slam is best used with short-range weapons, if you have ARs, snipers, or just generally use scope, then it’s indeed better to kill enemies before they get close, but if you have shotguns, SMGs, etc, then it’s a good addition for extra damage.

  • It’s an opportunity skill, BL3 arenas have a lot of verticality, low and high ground, balconies, walkways, ladders, and climbable cover, if you move around a lot (and that’s especially true for Zane), you’ll get in position naturally often and just have to remember using the slam. It’s a good way to get close to enemies and deal some extra damage.

  • Slam staggers enemies, that’s particularly effective against shielded enemies and badasses. For a perfect example see NOGs in Skywell-27, you can break their guard and leave them exposed with a single jump and slam.

  • It doesn’t require weapons or ammo and is not affected by mayhem afaik (except for element penalty).

  • It’s complementary to regular weapons, you don’t need to stop shooting until you trigger the animation, after that the damage is well worth the time it takes.

Edit: some more:

  • Use the reload time to position yourself in high ground, just run and don’t climb to not disrupt the reload, for higher reload especially it’s more than enough time to find a jumping spot and restart combat by slamming.

  • RE: Mayhem, in particular when normal bullets are debuffed elemental tends to be buffed, giving it an extra punch. In my experience a decent Hot Drop can one-shot regular mobs often and deal massive damage to badass/anointed, non-bullet weapons also tend to have high relead so it’s worth using in combination wiith the previous point.

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I think this is a good tip, tho, on console, the nature of moving your thumb off the aim stick to crouch removes some of this value, as you can’t continue to aim at an enemy while in flight and crouching all at once. Otherwise, I’ll keep those things in mind.

I have not thought of that since I never played with more than two dimensions in a controller, but still, the downtime should not be too bad considering airtime is not all that high regardless.

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One of the tips that occur at the bottom of the loading screen explains the slam mechanic and says to use it to open hidden areas - are there any hidden areas that can be accessed in this way? I tried any likely looking spots for a time but gave up trying after having no success.

There is an early mission where you must break a cover using slam. Not sure if there are any other breakable covers.

Short answer: Load “Borderlands - The PreSequel” and use it there.

(I played around with it in BL3 a few times till I discovered how… impractical… it was in this game. Maybe we’ll get an Elpis DLC where it works better).


Don’t mean to sound rude but short answer you don’t it was kinda a great starting idea that they forgot to finish lol

You use it to get down to the ground faster. Dats it

Actually yeah this may seem stupid but true and it feels better weirdly so like yeah so what a second or two faster but it makes you feel better to some weird point lol

Thanks for all of the replies. I didn’t think I could have missed every possible one but it keeps popping up and mocking me in the ‘tips’ section of the loading screens.

Part of me is glad because when I try to use slam on an enemy my aim is terrible and all I achieve is to land right in harm’s way! :laughing:

Though in general it might suck remember the last thing your enemies see is yo ass lol

Sir it’s called a super hero landing, not very good on the knees but you look REALLY cool dropping into Wotans arena while doing it.

Ok sick and tired of superhero movies but you sir are a legend for the dead pool reference lol

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