Question on powerlevelling and TVHM

So if I PL a friend to lvl 35…is there a way from him to skip Normal and go right to TVHM? Like can he join my game and get the teleporter?

He can join and play with you at your level but his game he will still have to beat normal mode.

ok thought so thanx

Also where is the best place to PL someone from 1-50 or so? I have a 72 zerker

The Barroom Brawl or the Ancient Dragons would be my choices. The BB is faster but the Ancient Dragons give you eridium…

ok I was planning on using the barroom brawl.
Thanx =)

Quick question: has your friend played the game before? Have the played the character they’ll be using before? If the answer to either one of those is “no”, I would recommend that they don’t PL, but play through normal in their own game. They’ll have a better idea of their character’s base play-style and how to build up their skills if they do that.

If they’ve played many times before, but want to get a new character up to at least TVHM levels quickly, then it’s a different story.

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oh we both haave max characters…just trying to skip normal

Understood. Unfortunately, if your friend ever wants to host with that character, they’re going to have to bit bite the bullet and play through NVHM anyway. Should be pretty quick if they’re already level 35+ though - the only bits that would really slow you down are the cut-scenes :wink: