Question on save files

I was trying to replace a screwed up save file with my own backup save file. I always turn Steam cloud off because otherwise it would mess things up terribly. But is it necessary to turn off Steam cloud in order to work on transferring save files and such?

I can’t see any reason to leave it active, no. When in doubt: turn it off.

I don’t use Steam cloud saves either.

I turned it off after it pushed a corrupted save file over one that I had just fixed with a backup. Since it syncs pretty immediately after you leave a game (either naturally or by force-closing it), if there is some glitch in your save, it’ll get sucked into the cloud, which will then try to push this corrupted file back down. There may be a way around this where you can tell the cloud to accept the current file instead of the backup, but I never looked into that.

Actually, if there was an option to manually (instead of automatically) sync to the Steam Cloud, that would be pretty useful.

Steam and I often do not seem to agree on connection. Read it says I have lost connection to their servers etc,

Though I never had it nuking any of my backups. Even though I always do have cloud sync on.

What happens at times, when sync failed: It did ask me which save to use. It somehow does notice I have a newer local save and one in the cloud. Then it pops a message which one to use. I am not sure what triggers that.

  • When saving a backup I make sure at leas the game is gone from taskmanager, if I do not even close steam.
  • Restore same, then make sure the filedate is not that of the backup, but the current date.
  • I do not really use my steam cloud across different PCs.

also when steam asks make sure you tell it to upload the file on you computer