Question on Seein' Dead COM

I’m playing as Zane at level 27 on PC and yesterday I got my first Seein’ Dead COM. The COM wording states that there is a “Chance to activate all the kill skills”. Is this all the skills in the Hitman Tree or all 4 skill trees? If so is tis to 1 level or the full 5?

It’ll fire all kill skills that you have points in, at the level you have appointed them, as if you had a kill. If you somehow have a build with no points in any kill skills, it won’t do anything.

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I think you are misunderstanding what it does. Kill Skills usually only activate when you kill an enemy (hence the name). With Seein’ Dead you have a chance to do that whenever you hit.

So you only get kill skills that you have points in (Seein’ Dead gives you points in Violent Violence, Playin’ Dirty and Donnybrook by default), but that can be any kill skill.

Zane has a grande total of 13 different kill skills in his various skill trees that can get triggered by Seein’ Dead and if you put a sufficient amount of points in those and then you use Seein’ Dead it can turn you into a borderline immortal speed god of death.

Well… You get 5 points distributed across violent violence, playin’ dirty and donnybrook by default so you literally can’t not have any kill skills with Seein’ Dead, but yes.

And besides kill skills (which are great) I personally find that the boost to Donnybrook makes Zane, particularly at lvl 65, nearly unkillable.
Health regen from his shots and clone and drone means that, effectively, you’re only killable in the brief periods when you reload.
Other than that, you’re invincible.

Well… I’d argue that that’s probably more on Salvation than Donnybrook because Donnybrook is just passive health regen. Good, but not that big of a deal, particularily not considering it’s based on missing health instead of max health.
The thing that’s keeping you alive and the reason why you are vulnerable whilst reloading (because no weapon would reload for so long that Donnybrook is just gonna run out in the meantime, particularily not on Zane who has an excellent reload boost with Cool Hand) is Salvation which is direct and straight-up lifesteal. Stop dealing damage and you get no lifesteal.

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You’re correct, I was mis-remembering. Been a while since I BL3’d, waiting for the semblance of new story with the next download.

The Seein’ Dead applies to all of your kill skills in all of your skill trees. (For example, it’ll activate commitment, donnybrook, salvation, violent speed, etc) It is only limited by which kill skills you have put points into. You need to have at least one point put into the skill in order for your Seein’ Dead to activate it.

That all said, all of Zane’s kill skills can have 2 stacks (except for commitment, which has no limit).