Question on "Sub-Sequence" skill

When using this ability if you Phaselock a target and kill that target you will Phaselock a new target. However, whenever I start shooting the second Phaselocked target it drops Phaselock immediately. Is this a bug or some kind of diminishing returns or something? Seems sort of pointless to get a second Phaselocked target if it just gets dropped immediately.

Subsequent targets shouldn’t fall out of Phaselock upon being shot. Phaselock itself does have diminishing returns, so if the second target was Phaselocked previously, the duration for that guy will be lower (though I find that you have to Phaselock someone several times in a row before it just sort of drops them).

I take it there’s still time on your Phaselock timer when the first target dies?

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Not sure. Does the second Phaselock share the same timer as the first? In other words if I kill the first target near the end of the Phaselock timer will the second get a fresh timer or is it only whatever is leftover from the first?

Yes - timer is not reset when re-Phaselocking something.

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Uhg. No wonder. Well I guess that makes it not nearly as good as I was expecting it to be. Unless you can kill things super fast that’s not that beneficial (and if you can kill things that fast you probably don’t even need additional phaselocks anyway.

It’s especially annoying because frequently a Phaselocked target gets bent back or contorted in a way where you can’t see their head…making crits impossible unless you move to another angle and by then the timer runs out. This also happens with Amara but is less of an issue because Phasegrasp and especially TTB is so OP it doesn’t even matter.

I think the most kills I got out of it is six (with Thoughtlock). What I love it for is re-triggering Converge. I’ll get that party started by grabbing an enemy on the edge of death, ideally near the center of the mob. Grabbing this guy and immediately killing him throws Converge twice very rapidly, which really condenses the mob.

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Prior to trying that tree I was doing something similar in the Harmony tree. Phaselock a low health enemy and use the bonuses from Wreck to kill full health targets quickly (and also get healed by Elated). Then when Phaselock runs out it’s already low health so easy to kill.

I already respec’d out of sub-sequence and converge (I rarely saw it doing much) but will maybe go back to it once I have more skill points to spend. For now I think I’m just going 5/5 in Accelerate, Kinetic and Inertia. 5/5 in Mind’s Eye and Wreck with 1 point in Elated to benefit from artifcats with +Elated. Then the rest going into Cataclysm. I don’t know if this is a good plan or not but it’s working OK in early TVHM though at times I feel very squishy.

that is badass, longest we got is 8 and in normal mode. lol


Accelerate is actually pretty crappy, especially compared with Zer0’s Velocity, one point of which is roughly equal to 5 in Accelerate. Ward is the better tier 1.

Converge is hugely helpful. Especially once you combine it with SS, Cataclysm, Kinetic Reflection, etc. Even before then, it’s a free (no damage) singularity grenade which works wonders for crowd control.

Regarding SS : the duration is 5 seconds. Suspension increases that by 2.5 seconds at 5/5, Thoughtlock an additional 4 seconds and a Binder / Legendary Binder increases that a further 2.5 seconds. Killing an enemy doesn’t extend the timer like MMF does.

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Thanks for the info. Just respec’d into Ward to give it a try. I could use a bit more survivability so maybe that will work better. When I used converge it just seemed to never do much…maybe because enemies were spread out too much of the time when I used it. Just respec’d back into it again to give it another try.

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Well this certainly isn’t helping me with Wilhelm on TVHM. I have died more trying to kill him than all my deaths on M10 in BL3. This is insane.