Question on the pre load

so i know you can pre load/download or whatever the game prior to the initial release date. my question is since i am getting a physical copy, will the preload thing work? or is it different for digital/physial

I don’t know for certain but a lot of brick and mortar distributors are doing night before release at about 9pm their local time.

So it may let you update over those hours. But so far there’s nothing confirmed. (As far as I’m aware)

I’m hoping it’s going to work that way as I’d be able to get home, get the install and update underway and play sooner.

i got my preorder from 2k. i did see the map of the preload times, but im not sure of doing that preload thing would work once i actually get the physical copy

In that case I’m not sure. I’m not sure when things will arrive or how it’ll be handled and all I can do is wish you the best of luck in getting to sow mayhem across several planets.

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I’ve just been trying to find this out via 2K customer support and it was breathtakingly painful and unproductive. First they asked for the “screen shot of the stated that website that
consoles can preload borderlands 3 for us to assist further.”

  • So the seller of the game doesn’t know that you can preload, strong start.

I sent them a screenshot from Borderlands 3, and they replied that “Upon checking the attachment, it was showing that it was not from our Online Store directly.”

  • So they won’t answer the question because its from rather than 2K - brilliant. And they’ve referred me to support and the page isn’t working right now.

The only other thing I can find is a reddit thread for Australia, which says that it’s only for digital copies:

I’m giving up a bit. It arrives when it arrives, installs when it installs and until then, I’ll play Gears 5. Totally rubbish experience for a game that I’ve taken a day off work to play!

That’s 2k for You… :confused:

High expectations of any corporation are bound to disappoint. Customers are numbers, not people.