Question on who to farm

So I pulled a lvl 57 Fire Stark Krakatoa today annointed with ASE +125% dmg to bosses and badasses. I have never had this gun before but it seemed to have good dmg so I thought I would try it out on Graveward and it shredded him even on Mayhem 3. I went to Mayhem 4 and I can still down him pretty fast so I am happy with it.

2 questions though

  1. When my barrier skill ends I don’t see any change in dmg to Graveward yet it seems like I should see a big jump if it gives a 125% dmg bonus to bosses…

  2. Where would a good farming spot be for just general gear or should I stick with Graveward?

Not sure on the first point as I don’t use ASE end gear to often on Zane it could be cause grave is super tanky specially on Mayhem 4 so hard to notice the dmg increase

For your second point best place I’ve found to easily get good gear for Zane is Agonizer and Freddy if you have the dlcs as for Agonizer all you really need is a Corrosive cutsman to melt them and Freddy can be farmed without quitting out and is pretty easy to kill

  1. Idk maybe bugged against GY. You could try it with other bosses for comparison.
  2. I think it’s best to farm the specific bosses for the gear you want. So Freddy for cmods, fabricator for cannon, bullies for hex or the dude that drop its piss, GY for Lob and ward, the cutsman dude, and agonizer for EM-P5 and dictator. Relic I don’t know tbh I randomly just got a safeguard with DR and max life and rolled with it.

That anoint doesn’t work very well. Moxsy did a video on YouTube about it.