Question or two about Mellka

After spam playing Mellka, i love playing her, fast paced, initiator who has enough health to get down and dirty in a fight, poison to pick off enemies every now and then, and the ability to launch yourself like a slingshot with your gauntlet every 10 seconds or so.

But i gotta wonder, Why dont poisons stack? You’ve got the F, E, and the mag(i guess the E field adds a stack if there standing in it but thats not what im talking about). Do you all feel it would be better how it is now? I kinda think the stack mechanic would be good, but with maybe slightly lowered damage per tick would work. or not maybe im just stupid.

Another thing, it happened with mellka but i think it applies to all badasses. I was aiming my F attack and walked into a silencing galilea field (yes silenced its a mutation) and thought “ok well ill just walk of the field then shoot it”. so i walked out and lo and behold the silence crossed out circles still hovered over my abilities, tried left clicking to shoot, nothing happens. so you have to right click to get out and guess what my F was now on cooldown… JOY. so ibasically if your aiming an ability but have not used it yet, and get silenced it counts as being used… i think a little stupid imho.

Let me know what you all think, whether this is just a shitpost, im on to something, or if it was at least a little educational… or something…

If the venom canisters didn’t have impact damage, then I could see the need for DoT stacking. As it is, I think it’s fine. Plus, venom stacking with the level 8 helix upgrade that applies venom to your bullets would pretty much melt everything

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If Mellka’s DoTs stacked, she’s melt everything. As it is the DoT lasts a long time and does a lot of damage, I dread seeing a Mellka on the enemy team and get killed by her DoT more than anythimg elss, it’s her best weapon but if it stacked she’d be worse than Galilea or pre-nerf Ambra.

Yep, this happens with knock up and stun as well. If you’re aiming an ability or trying to use one that has a brief animation period before cast, then get silenced or one hit by one of the above CC effects, you lost the skill and have to wait for it to cooldown :frowning:

It doesn’t need to stack, it refreshes the duration.

It lasts 8 seconds. That is enough time to accurately unload a clip and revenom with the canister. 8 seconds is a bit liberal, too, you could probably miss with a canister and still be able to refresh with the 2nd before the timer is up.

Plus, if you are using your venom canister on the same target you are playing her wrong. You should be focusing on venoming everyone. When you are reloading, try aiming your venom at anything that is not venomed.

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i just think a stacking mechanic goes better with mellkas fast playstyle honestly, slow damage over time sounds tedious and slow and boring, mellka aint bout that life, burst damage like the rest of her abilites sounds way better, it would only stack a max of up to three or four times though, each with the different abilities that add poison to it (mag, her F, poison field already adds it if there standing in it, the bullets from the gun at the later levels) Besides, one poison is from her gauntlet and one is from her gun, there both the same? i think its silly that a magazine explosion is as poisonous as an eldrid artifact that can morph and shoot poison energy lasers

I don’t think you really understand how over powered stacking 18 damage per second 3 or 4 times is.

I did literally mention that the damage should be lowered to balance it earlier in the post

Lowering the damage and causing it to stack is pointless on every level.