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if I farm the midgets at the wildlife exploitation preserve on “doctors orders” while in true vault hunter mode what type of midgets do I get

You get regular loot midgets. So they have a chance to drop a legendary item, but are more likely to just drop cash and ammo. If you want the legendary variety (LLMs), you have to be in UVHM.

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Not sure if this is what you meant by your question, but the loot midgets will be the Hyperion varieties, Engineers and loaders. You also have a chance to get Jimmy Jenkins. But other than that… What @VaultHunter101 said.


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another question: do I need DLC to access UVHM or is it in the base game

UVHM comprises two expansion packs (UVHM and UVH2) each of which add 11 additional levels. The second one also adds Digistruct Peak and the OP levels.

If you have only the base game, you will need to purchase these separately.

If you bought the Game of the Year edition, they should be included already.

If you bought the Handsome Collection (ie bought the game for XB1 or PS4), they’re definitely included.

thanks for the help

Technically speaking, UVHM was a free update so it’s available without the aforementioned DLC. There’s not much point to it without them however since you can’t level further so it’s basically just a more difficult TVHM after completion. Just saying.

That’s not exactly how I remember it, at least on 360. Then again, I had the season pass , and I hadn’t even reached level 50 when the first UVHM pack dropped.

Also, I hadn’t realised that UVH2 (second UVHM pack) was not included in the BL2 GOTY, but apparently that was the case. More details here:

It’s really weird I know. I did play it without either pack on the PS3 before I got the second one (as it technically offers more thanks the Digistuct Peak and the Pearls depend on the level, not the pack). The changelog for v1.4.0 (April 2, 2013) is the one that added UVHM, claiming it requires to be 50 as well.
I don’t remember if I was Level 50 back then (I know it can be accessed before 50 in TPS however) but it was still so… pointless!

OK, so that’s like what happened with TPS as well - the third play-through came built in (or was unlocked in an update) before the official launch. Made for some interesting times! Same dealio - complete game available with enemies having more health and damage, but no XP earned beyond level 50. Until you added the official UVHM expansion, that is.

another question:
what legendries should I leave till later into TVHM to get.

The only mission reward legendary you might want to hold off on is the Flame of the Firehawk. Most of the mission rewards worth saving are actually blue unique items. Otherwise, it depends a little on your choice of character and play style. This post/thread should help though: