[QUESTION] Poly Counts and other ships

Hey there,

So, I’m in the midst of modeling my own faction and I would like to know what other people are averaging for their ships, so I can make sure my ships aren’t too high/low poly :slight_smile:

Here’s the PolyCount for an Interceptor-class ship:

Here is the PolyCount for a Destroyer-class ship:

Are these within “normal” range or are they too High? Would anyone like to put forth their PolyCounts? :slight_smile:

Also, is there a way I can import ships that are already in-game (other than the Example ships) into Max/Maya? So I could, for instance, see a Hiigaran destroyer next to my destroyer and scale mine accordingly.

Hahahaha…no. Those poly counts are absurdly high.

I happen to have the LOD0 for the Kushan Interceptor and Light Corvette on hand, and they are:

Interceptor - 1,560 triangles
Light Corvette - 1,998 triangles

And my model of DarthSoban’s LEGO Taiidan Support Frigate is 2,629 triangles.

My heaviest count ship in BrickSpace (LEGO mod) is around 15,000 triangles.


Lol I figured… Thanks! Off to reduce’em haha

Also, which ship is that if I may ask?

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Heavy Cruiser equivalent - 6980 Galaxy Commander (1983).

Are your ships optimized geometry with no intersecting faces or open edges and any surface subdivision is removed from planar surfaces? That probably has a larger impact on performance than poly count due to z fighting. Also any subsystems like turrets can be cut off if they share geometry since those will be instances.

As an arbitratry rule of thumb, Unless the tris have an impact on the profile of the ship, any tri smaller than 3/the target screen resolutionship dimension is a very good candidate to be optimized away and put on a normal map (at 1920x1200 for a 1km ship 3/19201000 = roughly 1.5 meter ) now for a 10 m fighter this is around 1.5 cm so should include all panelling and grating etc. This is just a very rough limit where the pixel density and anti aliasing are going to make the geometry indistinguishable.

Set your world scale and file scale to 1 meter and then you should be exporting in in game units, you can measure ships with the movement cursor then.

Just remember that typically your fighters and for corvettes will only be around 75% of the screen at max zoom, so details like panelling are better left to normal maps. Large ships in the 1km range should probably have details that are no smaller than 2m modelled and the rest be normal maps

3k tris for a lod0 fighter/corvette
10k tri average for capitals
May be pushing 30k for ‘remasterered’ capital ships at lod0