Question: Pre-order Golden Skin Bonus for Digital?

I get that the miniature figures will be exclusive to physical copies sold by specific retailers (Gamestop in USA), but will the golden skin bonus be included in digital pre-orders? I noticed nothing says anything about exclusions other than “pre-order” and maybe something about a “unique box,” but this particular bonus appears advertised as included in all “pre-orders.” I see the option for a PS4 digital pre-order on Amazon (not gonna question lack of Xbone digital), so I want to make sure I know what I’d be getting if I chose this pre-order.

The Bonus Offer information on Amazon confuses me with its wording “Bonus code will emailed to customers within 48 hours of order shipment,” because digital versions are emailed codes and not “shipped,” right? However, this information’s loaded under the digital pre-order version.

5 golden skin, for 5 predefined characters…
My god… the gold skins are ugly…

And i preordered the game, because I already love it, but come ON, give us some decent pre order bonuses…

I want my ambra character with something special , not others i dont play :frowning:

I’m not sure if I’m reading the question correctly, but hopefully this will help:

If you pre-order a digital or physical version on Amazon, you’ll receive a code via email when your order ships. The code will be redeemable when the game is released that will grant you the five golden skins!

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Thank you! That perfectly answered my question, and now I’m relieved. You can lock this thread if you want.

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As you request.

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