Question: Proving grounds red chests?

Does anyone know (or if you experiment and have an opinion, please share) if the red chest at the end of proving grounds is positively benefited from the mini event that just started?

They’re already buffed fairly well. They’re still at the mercy of RNG but it’s been my experience that you’ll average an orange per run if you check a couple of the optional objective boxes.

Please note that because of RNG ALL evidence will be anecdotal unless someone collects a large enough sample to establish statistical relevance, like 10K+ runs. That said, I’ve spent a TON of time doing proving grounds for a YouTube speed run series and though I would periodically get legendaries out of the final chest it wasn’t until the hotfix that I started getting multiple legendaries out of the chests.

Please note that my experiences proves NOTHING because it’s entirely possible that given enough proving grounds runs I would eventually get multiple legendaries.


I did a seven minute run this morning without getting the fallen guardian. Two boxes unchecked and still got 3 legendaries AND one was a (badly) anointed Cutsman.

May have used up all my good RN-JUJU


I’ve done moderate chest farming (so my initial experience), my Fl4k has gotten, on average 2 legendaries per red chest on all “world chests”.

I have only run proving grounds (frenzy) once, and got none. I FULLY admit this falls well within RNG…I’m not making a claim, I’m asking for your data.

But I did the proving ground within 20 mins, on same mayhem level, M1, and full other objectives completed.

Curious to see what others experience (again, this is only one run against a few hours “in world”…and it is true, but it is a small sample).

During frenzy i had gotten cunning down to “just” under 5 minutes a run (3 secconds to spare a few times :sweat_smile: ) the chest only had all purples once, and all leggys once… otherwise was a mix of both; will run it a few times over this event and see if its more consistent

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I believe they were buffed prior to this mini event.

I run the proving grounds frequently. I’m always trying to improve my time. Anecdotally, I’m fairly certain there has been a dramatic increase in legendaries. This was just with the recent buff.

As far as the mini event… we’ll see this weekend.

Do you Zane?

I believe so. At least they do in fact count as a red chest event on the twitch extension.

I Zane and Moze. Mosty Moze. Both lvl 50 MH 2, rarely 3

The following is the Zane-y-est way I’ve come up with thus far to complete all the proving grounds with all the optional objectives checked. Maybe you’ll find it useful in your own pursuit.

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Wow. Don’t know if I’ll ever get to that level. Something to aspire to though. Thanks for sharing.

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