[QUESTION] Putting a Turret on a Fighter & limitations on turrets?


I’m in the middle of designing race of my own, and I’ve got a few questions regarding turrets. Is it possible to put a turret on a fighter-class ship? Or can only corvette-class ships and above have turrets?

Also, are there any notable limitations for turrets? Such as required shape, turn/tracking speeds, etc.

P.S. I’ve seen your Turrets tutorial @Dom2 , it’s been very informative :slight_smile:

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No limits. We have defenders, after all. The only limitation I’m aware of(though I haven’t rechecked it since the move from HW2 to HWR) is that you can’t have working weapons on a ship that can harvest.


Oh wow lol, completely forgot about defenders… Thanks!

Now, since I’ve got ya, I’ve got another question. Is it possible for a ship to only use certain weapons against certain ship-types?

Let’s say there is a Fighter/Bomber shiptype (fighter-class ship), it may use a machinegun-type weapon against anything smaller than a frigate, but it will use a bomb-type weapon against anything larger than a Corvette. Is that possible?

yes, within certain bounds. If a weapon has zero accuracy vs a target class, ships will not even attempt to fire it at those targets.

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Thanks a lot @EatThePath!

Happy to help.

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