Question - Queue tasks?

I dont remember how it was or if its possible in this game. I want to queue tasks like: move there, then attack target 1, then attack target 2, then move there, then dock at ship.

What should I press?

Thanks you

I don’t recall homeworld having the complexity of sequenced commands that you’re describing unfortunately. I believe the extent of command queuing stops at assigning waypoints with ‘W’ sadly.

Maybe I remember wrong. HW1 probably didnt have but I think that HM2 had. Not sure. Will try in HW2 classic.

The thing is that I remember ordering attack and then docking.

I don’t think HW has ever had them. +1 to adding them though.

I just checked in HW2 classic and you are right, this feature isnt there. Probably was mistaking ti for another game where pressing shift + click you could queue tasks.

BTW the interface of HW2 is not perfect but is much more comfortable than remastered version… You can see everything clear without forcing your eyesight or without taking half of the screen. Of course it could be improved but the remastered UI is not an improvement. I hope they consider this…

Only problem I have with the remastered UI is that they made the ship icons WAAAY too small.

Indeed, the issue has been raised by a number of people.

Here’s to hoping they fix it soon.