[QUESTION] race.lua parameters

In the race.lua file an additional value has been added, set to 1 for the HW2 races and 0 for the HW1 races. It’s not documented in the comments at the top of the file, what does it do?

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ANSWER: Whether or not the race is capable of building sub-systems.


Aha! That option didn’t occur to me, thank you.

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AH, interesting. Quick question. I plan on making an expansive Kadeshi race mod. Working on just the meshes now, and adding bits from the example ships (like the helper nodes) but won’t go on and do any more until more of the chain is released (obviously so i don’t go in my own direction and risk doing things wrong). My question is… would we be able to make custom meshes for subsystems and make them usable/buildable only by custom races/ships we add? I mean… my vision is this: A custom needleship that has quite bigger subsystems (vaygr capital ship facility on shipyard style) that “patch up” around the needleship, adding more detail to it than classic sized subsystems. Think about it like Cataclysm Kuun-Lan style. I plan on being able to do this to add more (lore?) depth to the mod while also making the Kadeshi have a more “unique” gameplay mechanic than the basic races.

Speaking as a modder, that all sounds totally possible currently. Thats essentially what the hiig shipyard does.