[Question] Rapid fire bullets

Hi All,

I’ve been playing with weapon file values in an attempt to recreate this:

But I can’t figure out how to get the bullets to be rapid firing, has anyone got a handy example for me to plagiarise? :innocent:


Are you looking for a beam or bullet solution and are you worried about preserving the phasing each phaser stream has relative to the other?

For a bullet solution:

<fFireTime>: Delay between shots, in seconds.
<fBurstFireTime>: Duration of a burst, in seconds. Divide this value by <iFireTime> to Determine how many shots are fired per burst.
<fBurstWaitTime>: Delay between bursts, in seconds.


I think the value should be 0.2, 2, 3.

Probably do have to slave both phasers together and use <fSlaveFireDelay> to preserve the phase, because that’s what makes it look so rapid is the alternating fire.



Thanks for the suggested values @sastrei! I’ll play with those and thereabouts :slight_smile:

I’m just really hopeless at judging what might be the right combination of numbers to put there so I need to be placed in the ballpark first :expressionless:

I am wanting it to be bullets as it would be closer to the TMP effect when the ship is moving steadily and closer to the newer effects in the JJ-verse movies when strafing.

Those numbers were a good ballpark to start me with! :smiley:
Problem I have now is that when there’s more than one ship firing it looks excessive… even without the slaved weapon :thinking: