Question regarding DLC

Anyone know if the DLC will be on the CD (aside from the claptrap one) or will it come with vouchers to download them?

I’d like to think this being on the current gen systems pc,xbox one, ps4 that since we’re using Blu-ray Discs they’d have put most if it on the disc itself (wishful thinking perhaps?) minus the TPS dlc that has yet to be released.

I thought it was all on-disc, including Claptasric voyage. If it’s ready for ps3/360 then it would easily be ready for Ps4/Xbone.

But we’ll have to wait and see.

I don’t think everything could fit on 1 disc, with updated graphics and all DLC in addition to 2 full games, that’s a lot of space.

Hopefully if it’s an issue they use 2 discs and not the Mastet Chief Collection’s “20gb day 1 patch method”

The way the new-gen consoles work: you don’t ever actually play the game off the disc anymore. The disc installs ALL of its data onto your HDD in order to play. The disc itself, after that, only acts as a “key” to prove you own the game. Games now are all-digital, with the disc versions simply being one potential way to get that data onto your HDD. Any patches or updates after the disc version was pressed are simply downloaded to your HDD: just like owners of the digital copy. As intrinsically there’s no difference anymore.

And thankfully the new-gen consoles, with regards to title updates (patches) for games: there is no limit to size of updates nor the archaic cost and certification process that hindered the 360 in particular. So when the newer DLC releases for The Pre-Sequel, just like any patch: you will automatically download all the new game data/gfx/files with the title update. And as an owner of the Handsome Collection, you have access to any items that release as part of TPS’ Season Pass.


Very good answer, thanks for clearing that up!!

Nah, it’s the same graphics as the PC releases, just running at about medium settings for a PC version of the game. So, it should theoretically take about the same amount of space as the PC versions, with discrepancies due mostly to different binaries, and maybe the packages being cooked differently. However, fitting all of that on a blu-ray? It’s possible. The Pre-sequel is only like 6 or 7GB, I think.