Question regarding Malivan shotguns

I’ve never played Borderlands before Borderlands 3 so the answer to my question can be pretty obvious for more experienced players.
Isn’t this gun too strong for it’s level?
Damage: 109
Shock or corrosive damage: 301 per sec
Chance to apply: 72%
Required level: 17

During playing till level 18 I didn’t found any other elemental weapon which could be compared to this one. All what I saw before dealt 20-50 damage/sec with chance to apply 10-30%. That is why the stats of this shotgun (which is not even epic) look for me too powerful for this level.
Do I miss the point of weapon/damage mechanics?

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The couple of Maliwan shotguns I tried had very limited apparent range and an annoying charge up time for each shot. I failed to notice if they had a very high status effect chance or remarkable damage, but if I were playing an elemental Amara that might have been an amenable trade off.

Edit: Also, look at that 4 ammo per shot. Yikes.

This one doesn’t have a charge time before a shot (unlike many one which I saw before and which were ridiculously less powerful).

Edit: Also, look at that 4 ammo per shot. Yikes.
Well, now it makes sense. Didn’t notice it before. Thanks

No I’m pretty sure, that was some kind of bug or glitch. Because after I restarted the game, that shotgun’s statics has decreased
Damage: 31
Shock or corrosive damage: 86 per sec
Chance to apply: 48%
Required level: 17

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I’m glad you posted this, I had a similar bug I guess but thought I was just reading the stats incorrectly. I found a Purple shotgun and a Green shotgun 5 levels lower, both TORGUE. For some reason the Green shotgun had way better stats.

First time I also though that I had read or remembered incorrectly. That is why I stared to take the screenshots :slight_smile:

The bugs I see people report keep getting crazier. It holds true that buying an AAA game nowadays is essentially paying to beta test the game.

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This bug happened to me as well with a shotgun.

I also suddenly gained 18 Guardian ranks after logging on. After fast travelling I ended up with -18 Guardian tokens. Yes, a negative number which I now need to catch up on.

I’ll just add that Maliwan traditionally is known for their epic elemental extremes. Meaning they are always light years stronger in elemental damage & chance than other companies. Traditionally that is, not that you can’t find a random a something that is also high in elemental stats.