Question regarding the VIP Rewards

This has been asked before, I am sure, but … I had bought some weapons for Borderlands 2 using my VIP points, but the guns never showed up in my game inventory. After submitting a support email, the points were given back to me, but now I won’t be able to get the weapons I wanted because they still show as being locked.

Will this be corrected?


I am experienceing the same thing. Spent about 32000 points on skins and weapons as well as the season rewards and I have not seen the rewards checked off. All 8 boxes should be filled and than some. There are still 2 unchecked boxes. All in a quest for the maliwan weapon that seems impossible to obtain even if you’ve done all the work. Please fix this gearbox.


I just kept logging out and logging back in every time I used my VIP points. All 8 boxes are checked off for me. I don’t know how to see if I got the legendary maliwan weapon tho. I haven’t looked on my Borderlands games yet to see if the other weapons I purchased are in my inventory but I don’t really care because it’s obviously going to take time to show up in there.

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I had same problem. I tried logging out and then back in of my shift account and I got all my checkmarks.

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Same issues here folks, Logout and Login works i got all of my checkmarks now ! Thank u very much :grin: i bought the orge few days ago but nothing showed up in game ! I have to Check bl2 real Quick maybe this is the solution lots of people had these days thanks anyways :hugs:


The checkmarks don’t matter. You won’t see the items in your game inventory.

Yepp, seems like… nearly found nothing there :expressionless: did u purchased another gun with your given back Points tho?

The problem seems to be the VIP rewards arent linking or translating to SHiFT. Im having the same
Issue and keep getting the run around from gearbox. Spun a Norfleet and World Burn for BL2 and redeemed 10 keys for both pre sequel and bl2 and havent had anything show up in game. Pretty sure the BL3 weapon I got from weaponizer and the pre order weapon prob wont show up either.


What was the email you used for support? I bought a BL2 reward but was sent the wrong item. Thank you

I’m having the same issue, none of the gear that I have spun the wheel for or spent points on have translated to my BL games. Some of the spins have literally been days, so it isn’t simply a sync time and impatience issue.

Use this link to file a support ticket

Yes pls fix

The same thing is happening to me only when I filed a complaint or whatever you want to call it. Nobody emailed me back and I’m normally a very patient person but at this point I’m starting to believe that no one is even going to look at the email I sent

Same problem my brother had spun all 3 wheels got items for Borderlands 2 and nothing showed up on his shift. He put a ticket in this is going on 2 weeks now.

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It is frustrating, so much wasted time and hope for nothing, this is a waste of time, hours and hours to get rewards and gearbox does not have time to answer the community, they have not given me any of the objects I asked for

Same. The boxes for the Children of the Vault weapon will not check off. I bought two BL2 weapons this morning just to finish off my boxes before the BL3 launch and they didn’t check off. I then bought a second Relentless Puma (rolled the first in the Randomizer) to see if it would check off a box and that didn’t work either. I’m broke now. I’m out, like, 12,000 points. :confused:

Have you tried logging out of the VIP site and then logging back in again? This has triggered an update for many users.


So I logged out of my SHIFT profile on the Borderlands website and logged back in. Everything is updated. I have my boxes checked but I’m out 12,000 points. Minor inconvenience in exchange for badass COTV gun. Heed my warning folks! Don’t lose out on your points!

I did. Everything is squared away now. Thanks for getting back so quick. That’s awesome!

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