Question regarding TVHM quests and post-game scaling

I know that once you beat the Warrior in TVHM all quests are scaled to 50 and any you’ve never touched will now reward level 50 items.

Now my question is about quests that “reward” a new farmable enemy. If I finish Zafords vs Hodunks at level 44 will Mick Zaford scale to 50 and drop a level 50 Maggie once I’ve beaten the Warrior? or will it be forever locked to 44?

Pretty sure you get it at 50, since they’re now a re-spawning boss (not a mission) and should be the same level as everything else on the map. Easy to check though!

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Speaking as someone that has a couple of dedicated mules in TVHM to do eridium farming for new mules, I can say that all drops will be scaled to level 50 with the usual -2/+2 level difference. The exception would be raid bosses like Terra or the Ancient Dragons- all of their loot will be at level 50…