Question(s) About Farming the Anarchy

It’s been a little while since i played the original. But way more than that, my memory is just very bad. Anyway, what i do remember:

I want Torgue. Want it to be Steel (that is the mat indicator right?). 13.8 fire rate. I remember there was 54 mag and 82 mag. And i remember 540 and 530 for some reason.

So my questions are:

I remember i liked stockless. But i can’t remember why lol. What benefit does it provide? Is it faster swapping or bringing up to sights? And if so, what are the negatives of not having a stock?

Can any mag size have a fast reload? Which number in the prefix indicates the magazine and which one should i look for?

Steel is the mat3 Torgue prefix.
The hundreds place in 550 is for the stock, for SMGs you want 5(best stock) or 1(stockless).
Tens place in 550 is for the magazine. Most SMG magazines are good, except mag1(thumpers). 2 is just whatever, while 3-5 are different trade-offs between capacity and reload speed.

Stockless gives a definite reload speed bonus. The stronger stocks slow down reload for better accuracy, except stock5 which is neutral reload modifier but with good accuracy.

The fastest reloading Torgue Anarchy would be a 130. stockless, mag3(banana mag). A 530 would also be good, but any of the other stocks will slow you down. You don’t need the small accuracy/recoil bonuses you get from stock5 on an Anarchy, that’s why people prefer stockless for Anarchies.

440s take eons to reload(biggest mag, ‘heavy’ stock).

Ideally you’d want a HX 130 Steel Anarchy with barrel2, it’d be somewhere around 233x4 damage.


Fantastic! Thank you very much! 100’s are my preferred. Came back to me as you explained. So a 130 would be very fast reload with 54 mag size? Really appreciate it. I need to study the ins and outs the weapon parts system in this game. I hate not knowing it well.

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anyone know if the tartarus station chest horde will drop an anarchy or not? i’ve farmed it multiple times and seen countless thumpers, stingers and even half a dozen hellfires. no anarchy though. the one i have is decent but only has about 141x4 damage so i know it can improve.

No reason it can’t - it’s just an SMG with the double acc, barrel1 or 2, no thumper mag, and not Hyperion. Just a combo of random parts, nothing special.

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okay cool. i wasnt sure. i guess my luck just hasnt been in my favor! thanks