Question(s) about Lenore's Lament

I have yet to acquire this item, but as it doesn’t specify life steal against non-Jennerit Battleborn I assume this also applies to PvE Jennerit enemies, but has anybody tested this? I’d love to use this in PvE but if I cam’t use it against thralls that would suck as they are the main enemies in the new op.

And another question for any willing to test this, I know minions are considered LLC enemies but what about Jennerit-controlled minions? So, would this not work against minions on The Experiment as they are Jennerit-controlled minions or would it still work against them because they’re technically LLC enemies? I’d assume the latter otherwise things would be getting pretty complicated, but it’s always good to know for sure.
Also, the concept of life steal on robots is fantastic :grin:

@lowlines I know you’re a busy man but you’re the go-to for this kind of question, do you know the answers to any of these?

I’ve unlocked it but haven’t tested it myself. There are also way more qualified people in this community to answer that question.

From the description I expect it to work in PVE too - against bots, varelsi, swarmers/golems and buildables.

While technically thralls aren’t Jennerit (jennerit is a race), they should count as them. For example, Ghalt’s lore challenge “Social Engineering” requires you to till 100 Jennerit enemies with Scraptraps, and thralls work too.

I have done a bit of testing with this, it does work in PVE but not against Thralls.