[QUESTION] Self-Sustaining Resourcers and Logistics Turrets

Hey there everyone!

I’m working on designing a race and a few ideas popped into my head that I’d like to run by you guys n’ gals, mostly to see if they are possible.

  1. I’ve got a resource collector coming down the pipeline and I’d like to make it self-sustainable in-game. Meaning, would it be possible to make it so a resource collector would not have to dock with a larger ship to drop off RU’s? It would be able to collect and process RU’s into income all on its own.

And don’t you worry, this trait would be balanced out in-game :wink:

  1. I’ve got another ship coming down the pipeline, it’s similar to a support frigate but larger, more cruiser-ish. Would it be possible to take the support frigate’s healing beam and make it into a turret?

As far as I know 1 is not possible, and 2 is.

Ahhh darn, that’s too bad :frowning:

EDIT: @EatThePath As far as the turreted healing beam goes, it would be as simple as just making a new .wepn file, then changing it from Gimbled to Turreted, correct? (And then changing angles n’ whatnot)

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I have not tried it myself, but I would be surprised if it was any harder than that.

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