[QUESTION] Sensors and detection?

This is more one of those blue sky questions… would it be possible to have a detailed breakdown of how the senors and detection system works?

For some context… my mod team has a ship that seems to become visible to it’s enemies long before any other ship in the mod. That seems like an interesting balancing distinction to play with, but though we’ve gone over our files periodically looking for a reason, one has never jumped out at us. Knowing how that system works in detail might help nail it down at last.

To clarify, this happened in Homeworld 2 classic?

The problem I described was in classic, yeah, but the same general systems seem to be in place in remastered. Knowing how they work now is fine, and even preferable since I’m not planning on staying in classic.

Might it be the alwaysinrenderlist, detectionstrength, or visualrange values?

Visual range detects all ships, including cloak and dust clouds.
primary sensor range is the blue bubble, the standard range.
secondary sensor range is usually further out from primary and is often used to see motherships and other large ships from further away.
Something like showinsecondary is a flag that will make a ship visible in secondary sensors.
alwaysinrenderlist makes the ship visible to everyone, all the time. Great for supermassive objects.
detectionstrength determines what level of cloak can be seen by primary sensors.

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