[QUESTION] Setting up scripts for first custom ship

Alright, so I’m in the midst of setting up the turrets for a ship of mine. After I export it as a DAE and get ready to HOD it, I suppose I should create a .ship script and a .wepn script for it? How should I go about doing that?

Should I make a copy of a .ship script I think is similar to how I think my ship should be and modify it to my needs? (ex. My ship is a destroyer, so I would copy a destroyer script) And the same for the .wepn script? Also, once I do create my script(s), how do I make it so they are read along with my HOD file when I run my HWR shortcut?

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There are lots of decent tutorials from of old that still apply, so have a look here for starters:



But more specifically:

  • Your .ship, .events and .HOD file must all have the same name (except the file extensions) and live in a directory of the same name, e.g.:
  • …/hgn_my_ship/hgn_my_ship.ship
  • …/hgn_my_ship/hgn_my_ship.events
  • …/hgn_my_ship/hgn_my_ship.HOD
  • I would start by copying a destroyer files, make sure your HOD has the same hardpoints to get it working
  • Then make changes, one at a time, until you are more comfortable
  • My view is that you should use the existing weapon scripts to start with (and maybe to continue with) unless you are doing anything fancy - the Taiidan Republic Mod strike craft can all use the stock weapons with the exception of the EMP corvette, but only because that is a bit special. After all, a kinetic gun is a kinetic gun, an ion cannon is an ion cannon… You can always fine tune it later on.
  • If you want your ship to be buildable, you will need to modify build and research scripts. For testing, the easiest way is to add your ship to startingfleets.lua (that way the player will have one immediately at the start of a match).

Thank you! I’ll try this out

@Dom2 So I’m going to attempt to take the tai_destroyer.ship file and remake it into my own. I’ll start by just changing the names at first, but I’ve got a few questions.

Do I have to change in the script whenever it says “tai_destroyer…” to “hgn_my_ship…” Or should I not worry about the things inside of the script? Also, should I name the weapons on my destroyer in 3ds Max to the names of the Taiidan destroyer’s guns in the script? For example, would I have “Weapon_Gun0” in the name of one of my turrets because that is in the scriptline for one of the Taiidan destroyer’s guns?

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Yes to both questions.