[Question] Several questions about whats possible

Hi, im wondering if its possible to do a few things, and if so how?

first add capture as a command/button rather than the default for ships?
id like for the default action for a ship when you mouse over an enemy to be attack, but also have the abilty to preform boarding actions, but from a button on the gui, like the sensor pig, defense shield or speed boost thingy.

currently, after having copied the ability from the hgn marine frigate, when i mouse over an enemy ship the default action is board, i can hold control and it changes to attack, so its not really a massive issue if it cant be done, just something id like to be able to do if its possible

second, Shields! i know its possible, but i cant find any info on how to do it other than links to a shield tutorials for HW2, which gives me error 404. what id like is a second healthbar for shields not fussed about any fancy visuals or having a bubble around the ship that the projectiles hit.

thirdly, different attack styles at different ranges?
for example, i have front mounted ion beams with a 35 dregree arc of fine and a range of 12km, which outrange the broadside wepons with a 45 degree arc of fireand a range of 6km, ideally id like my ships to only turn to broadside once they had entered the range of the funs there, as it is, they just turn to broadside as soon as their front mounted ion beams come into range then sit there doing sweet F all.

edit: well sorta done this now, didnt realise that the attackstyles were so easy to edit and add new ones!, modified t one broadside so that the turn to broadside is at 0.35 of the max weapon range. any way to set the range excatly to say, 4km? i noticed some of the other attackstyles have set differences, just not sure how to define it in broadside
:end edit

another thing thta just came to me is what attack style if any would let my broadside eqquiped circle their target, rather than sit and fire?

edit: using flyround_corvette_vs_CapShip as a base and setting the distace to circle at to like 3km seems to be doing the trick, for this one though id like to use a factor of the wepons range, as in broadside.
:end edit
few searches didnt turn up anything that seemed to be relevent to it, apologies if this question has been asked and answered before :slight_smile:

I’m a bit curious about what you mean. Could you go into more detail about how you’d like things to work?

sorry i was in the middle of editing it rather than just make a new one.

For the attack styles, I have a full list of attack style variables on hwmod wiki, it might help.

aha! awesome, ty!

so i could jsut add in the

--	Ships will fly at this distance from the target's surface
distanceFromTarget	=  inRangeFactor

to any of the other attackstyles and it would be happy out? no need to add anything else?

Maybe? I haven’t had a chance to experiment thoroughly.

ah fair enough :slight_smile: i forget that its still fairly new and hasnt been documented to hell and back yet :smiley:

ill give it a go and see what happens i guess

also unrelated issue, i cant get the familylist to work with any new families, copied the entries for the tiaidann team and just changed the prefix, but anything i add to those families dosent show in the build menu for em, got 2 versions of any production ship i have in the fleet im building, one with my own prefix and one set with the tai prefix