[QUESTION] Ship class linked to engine trail / engine glow

I cannot get an engine glow to work on a platform (I copied the .ship lines and joints/mults from a frigate, so it should work…)

Is there any reason a glow would not work on a class that does not normally have glows?

I don’t think it’s class specific to not have engine glows, but I could be wrong…

Do you have an engine glow mesh? Is that what you mean by “mults?”

Yes, mesh and joints copied from a working frigate, so everything should be working…


Did this ever get answered? I often query this forum to find answers to problems similar to ones that I too have, but ofttimes I only find a dead end as exhibited herein. In my humble opinion (I aspire to have few) it would be very healthy for the community if such seasoned and accomplished veterans as yourselves would take a moment to share the solutions that you have found within the topics that you have created.

I am so very new to this forum (or forums in general) as a contributor that I often hesitate to add topics that are instructive, but I will attempt to explain what little I do learn as I become more familiar with the culture.

Right now I am attempting to add complex effects (FX) to capital ship engines in HW2 and was perusing this, your topic, to seek some insight, but instead found a year-old deadspace with few answers. Both of you have significantly helped me in my quest for knowledge here, so please understand that I mean nothing so much as to suggest that you share your solutions within your topics so that each topic becomes a resource. OK, as is my way, I have said too much. :grimacing:

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You are right, we should explain solutions when we find them. In this instance I did solve it but I cannot remember how… I think it might have been something in the .ship file…