Question - should seasonal events be accessible at any time?

For me I’d say yes. Much like bl2s headhunter dlcs I believe having these events accessible all the time would add to the replayability of the game. Many of the events had unique equipment most are now severely underleveled without mayhem levels. I did enjoy the events when they were live, didn’t get all the drops, skins or extras from Halloweens heck as farming the ghosts was tedious and I stopped before they increased drop rates, anyway adding these events as areas you could fast travel too would be an added bonus, as well as turning on and off the valentine’s one. Am I wrong thinking limiting these events was the wrong approach? And how would the unique weapons perform on level and mayhem 10? I genuinely want to enjoy the game again but currently all I think is stuff they have that they took away, I hope they became permanent additions one day. Sorry my rant was longer than expected.


Should they? Yes ideally, or at least the gear or maps they provide should be available through some head hunter pack.

Are they? No, and it really sucks imo.

We had seasonal events in BL2. At a cost of only $3 the maps and gear they provided were accessible year round. Heck, several of them became fan favorites for the ease of farming (I miss snowman). To me, going from that model to this one is just irritating. Yes, these seasonal events are free, but speaking perhaps a tad selfishly here $3 is not a steep price to pay for content, and I’d much prefer just buying it and having it available whenever I feel like playing it rather than being forced to play during whatever time period GB sets and not having access to it for another year.


A head hunter type dlc of the events would certainly be nice.

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Those $3 headhunter packs were 7 years ago, so I’d even be willing to pay $5 for ones like the cartel, though probably only $3 for the harvest and maybe $2 for the Valentine’s one. Of course, that said, nowadays, so many developers offer little content packs like this for free, so I don’t think it’s unreasonable to think GBX could do the same, and leave them accessible year round.

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IMO having them become paid content would just leave a bitter taste in my mouth. Rather them become permanent for free in an update.


I think the unique gear from the seasonal should be accessible in some way even if the event isn’t.

That’s not for me, I got mine during the event. But I really feel for those who just bought BL3 and can’t get at them.

I can only imagine how frustrated I’d feel if I read about something great like the O.P.Q. System and found that there was no way I could get it, not even a massively tough boss, just a flat No, maybe next year. That’s punishing players who didn’t (or couldn’t) buy the game earlier.

A mechanism to have special gear obtainable would be equitable to new players.




We might want everything available but from a business POV it makes sense that they aren’t. It is meant to be something that draws you back to the game.

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Gearbox should create and offer a Seasonal Event Headhunter pack that allows a player to turn on a Seasonal Event for that play session. The content is already created, play tested, and for the most part debugged. The mechanism to turn on and off a seasonal event in the log-in screen already exists. Gearbox should create a Seasonal Event Headhunter pack that has the Bloody Harvest content, Revenge of the cartels content, and Broken Hearts content. The amount of work to make this happen would be small but its impact would be large. Gearbox would need to create a mechanism to randomly select which one of these three events would be active for that particular play session when the seasonal event is selected to be on. Gearbox would need to create a mechanism to disable/override the random event selector when GB themselves periodically offer a seasonal event.
This Seasonal Event Headhunter pack would add some randomness into play sessions to keep things fresh. This Seasonal Event Headhunter pack would give players an ability to get the gear from these events in Mayhem mode 1 to 10, which players are calling for. This Seasonal Event Headhunter pack would give Ghost Traunt and Joey Ultraviolet as additional ‘new’ bosses to farm. This Seasonal Event Headhunter pack would give Heck and The Mansion as additional areas with their own unique vives.
The sales of this Seasonal Event Headhunter pack could fund additional Seasonal events, which later could be package into their own Seasonal Event Headhunter packs.


No. Because they’re seasonal.

They don’t need to draw anyone back to the game with free content. There’s no subscription model here. Once you’ve paid for the game and season pass, that’s all GBX gets out of you. Making the seasonal events limited time just means people miss out and are less likely to return.

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Absolutely yes.

I understand that having “seasonal” events available outside of their related calendar season may rub some people the wrong way. But I’m an accountant, and my job is very, very seasonal. I work crazy hours at certain times of year, which prevents me from enjoying the seasonal content.

For example, the Broken Hearts event ran from 2/13/20 - 2/20/20. It just so happens that the company I work for releases our year-end financial statements in the last week of February. That’s basically the most important thing that the accounting group does, so I’m working massive amounts of overtime from the first week in January until the end of February. I pretty much come home from work to sleep and shower, so I don’t have much time to play video games in that part of the year. I honestly didn’t even know that there was a seasonal event going on because I didn’t check the Borderlands website or turn on my PS4 for the whole month of February. And guess what, the exact same thing is going to happen in February 2021, and every February thereafter.

So yes, I would like be able to experience the seasonal events at any time of the year, because if I have to choose between Borderlands and my job, my job is going to win.

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No. Unless you change the name “seasonal”. If you make it accessible anytime and still maintain seasonal, then it’s a no.

Change the name first.

if ppl can say we paid for the events with the seasonpass then these should after a fully year become permanent content
or make it permanent for those who own the seasonpass that fits to that
and its seasonpass content, then id be down, gives me more reason to accept the pass as it is, not what we have right now

I’d really like for the maps to be accessible, given that Borderlands 3 lacks a lot of enjoyable, mid-sized maps to run at endgame. Most maps are gigantic (Anvil, Floodmoor Basin) or small (Proving Grounds)–the seasonal maps and Maliwan Takedown feel like the only real “mid-sized” maps that are available to run if you want like a 10-15 minute experience.

I also think having seasonal gear is not bad in and of itself, but the constant level cap increases we saw in the first year made them feel pointless and frustrating since you’d grind to get ideal gear and then have it effectively nerfed due to level scaling after the event ended. Making the gear obtainable throughout the year would remove this frustration if GBX decides to increase the level cap again.

If there’s concern about the seasonal events losing their appeal by being available year round, maybe gate out-of-season replays behind an eridium payment or something. I’ve been away for awhile, but afaik there still aren’t any uses for eridium beyond pulling RNG levers.

ye they should