Question: SNTNL Cryo and Cold Bore

Does the cryo damage from Cold Bore stack with the Cryo SNTNL anointment?

My assumption would be yes but only on the first shot after swapping your weapon.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

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it is literally so easy to test it depends what you mean by stacking tho. cold bore sits in gun dmg formula while bonus cryo recreates original pallet but in cryo.

so yes cold bore increases dmg of bonus cryo palllet but there is no cryo stacking.

apparently i was wrong check @Prismatic reply for info.

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Cold Bore is also bonus Cryo damage.

Cold Bore and Sntl Cryo are added, so you’ll be getting 136% bonus cryo on shots when both are active (assuming 3/3 Cold Bore).


why does it happen? can u dm me on discord? why would extra pallet carry that calculation twice

Next question: is it worth it? Cold Bore is only on the first shot fired, so the extra buff, I assume would only be beneficial for high damage weapons.

How does it interact with multi-pellet weapons like a x18 bangstick, or a high pellet count stagecoach?

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I don’t think Cold Bore is worth it as a general. If you’re trying 1 shot shenanigans, then it works as extra damage. But for general play not really.

For multipellet weapons, you’ll get the bonus applied to each pellet. So +36% cryo to each pellet, which is still only +36% bonus cryo to your full damage.

I’m not sure what you mean carry the calculation twice? Cold Bore isn’t gun damage. It’s bonus cryo, as is sntl cryo. They’re both the same type of damage and are therefore added.

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[(Gun Card Damage) * (1 + Confident Competence + Violent Momentum Base + Violent Momentum Scaled + Donnybrook + Synchronicity + Double Barrel + Infiltrator Mod + Antifreeze Mod + Retaliation + Com Generic Wep Boost + GunDmgAnoint) * (1 + Victory Rush) * (1 + Barrier Amp) * (1 + Icebreaker + Com Type Boost + Artifact Type Boost) * (1 + While-Sliding Damage Anoint + While-Airborne Damage Anoint) * (1 + Artifact Elemental)] * 2 * [(1 + SniperBonus) * (1 + WeaponCritBonus) * (1 + ManufacturerBonus) * (1 + Executor Mod + ClassMod + GuardRank + Anointment)] * [(1 + Guardian Rank Gun Damage)] * [(1 + C-C-Combo Bonus)]

so for cold bore the projectile- spawns this formula*0.36?

i misrememberd that cold bore was one of the additives inside the formula, gotta learn it some day :smiley:

dual boring gun cold bore is still a thing folks

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Yeah exactly.

Minor error though in that Formula, Victory Rush and C-C-Combo are added together so it’s just
(1+Vic Rush+CCCombo)

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Even when I had an all shot gun build, cold bore barely made sense because I couldn’t remember to keep switching.

Anything that requires a weapon swap tends to sit at an odd disadvantage when so many things reward staying on a single weapon.