[Question/Spoiler]: how Angel (and possibly Jack) knew about the Destroyer?

How Angel (and possibly Jack) knew about the Destroyer? As you remember, the Guardian Angel said: “You opened the Vault! I’m sorry, I couldn’t warn you what was in it”.

She couldn’t warn us, because Jack didn’t allow her. Right?

i think she can apparently see the future.

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A good theory.

Unfortunately… TRUE! XD

Yea I don’t mind tho. It’s not like they tried really hard to make it a piece of art. Story wise…
It’s like a cool over-the-top B-movie. Just… don’t ask too many questions or you’re gonna have a bad time. And that’s part of the charme.

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This is an unresolved detail that even has implications into The Pre-Sequel, a detail that so many players seem to overlook when defending Jack. Because of the major spoilers that I would be revealing, and because I can’t find the “spoiler” tag function, if any, I can’t comment further on this thread while it is still in this particular forum.

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Use the word spoiler (all lower case) inside square brackets, with the corresponding /spoiler (also in square brackets) at the end. -> Like this <-


She could say that even if she didn’t know what was in it.


For example:
I couldn’t warn you because I didn’t know what was in it.
I couldn’t warn you because I needed/wanted to trick you into opening it.

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Thanks @VaultHunter101

This is an unresolved detail that even has implications into The Pre-Sequel, a detail that so many players seem to overlook when defending Jack. SPOILERS HERE:

After playing through BL2 and TPS, players find out that Jack gained knowledge of the second Vault on Pandora after accessing the Vault on Elpis. The Vault on Elpis contained the seemingly omniscient knowledge of all the Vaults in the galaxy, including their connection to Eridium and the Sirens. At the start of BL2, Prof. Tannis, the only expert on the Vaults and Eridian culture, even says that Jack, Eridium, and the Vault are all connected on some deeper level.

Even though the Elpis Vault explains how Jack was able to gain all his knowledge of the Vaults, it still doesn’t explain how he gained knowledge of the first Vault and the Vault on Elpis. Remember, Tannis is the only expert on the Vault and the Eridians, and even so, she was skeptical of this Vault “fairy tale” just two years prior to the start of first Borderlands game. So how did Jack know so much about the first Vault and the Elpis Vault?

This is what worries Col. Zarpedon in TPS. By all accounts, the Elpis Vault should have been a secret to everybody. The Lost Legion’s only foreseeable problems were any lost stragglers or scavs that would wander into Vorago Solitude. So how did Jack know enough to send a scouting party to begin searching for a Vault on Elpis? Zarpedon determined that Jack obtained this knowledge from a currently undisclosed party. It wouldn’t be too much to assume that Zarpedon and the Watcher (weird red Eridian alien thing at the beginning and end of TPS) were shitting bricks when they discovered that the secret Vault of Elpis had been compromised.

Even though Athena automatically assumes that Zarpedon and the Lost Legion went insane from excessive Eridium exposure, Zarpedon understands that the Elpis Vault is now in immediate danger of being misused. Even if Jack is stop or killed, there is someone or something still out there that knows about the Elpis Vault, that knows enough about all of the Vaults, to be a direct threat. That is the real invisible enemy that Zarpedon fears the most.

Given that the fate of the whole universe stands in the balance, Zarpedon makes a most drastic and conflicting decision: to destroy Elpis and consequently destroy its Vault (or at least its access to the Vault) before anyone can make claim to it.

Even though Zarpedon failed in her mission, Jack was also ultimately defeated before the destruction can spread from Pandora. However, the second appearance of the Watcher at the end of TPS marks an ominous revelation, that “war is coming,” and that the invisible enemy that initially gave Jack all of his Vault knowledge, may now be making a move.


Makes sense!

Wow! I totally agree with your theory. Maybe there’s a mysterious and real enemy who teach a bit of knowledge about the vaults and… Manipulated? Or induced Jack to did everything he did.

I think I owe Gearbox an apology for my earlier post xD

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I think that Jack at the very least is good at spying and deduction. He might not have known what was in any of the vaults but he was certainly interested in finding out and using it. He has angel say a lot of things in BL1 that he likely could not have known. So either he did have a source, or he was good at guessing. And regarding elpis he could have deduced or spied what he needed to know.

Well, once the Destroyer was dead and the VHs had moved on, Jack could inspect at his leisure. Presumably, there was a clue that led from there to Elpis. As far as finding out about the BL1 vault, I’m guessing it showed up in the sensor data while prospecting by remote satellite for Eridium (BL2 echoes)

The problem with Jack being extremely lucky in his guesses about the first Vault and even Elpis is that there has been no concrete evidence that there is even a Vault, much less multiple Vaults scattered across the galaxy. The Vault was pretty much a mythical legend, much like Atlantis, El Dorado, and the Fountain of Youth, before Prof. Tannis even set foot on Pandora. The only real information about the Vault and Eridian culture came directly from Tannis’ research. Even if Angel were able to hack into Tannis’ research notes, Jack still would know nothing more than what Tannis already uncovered.

While it is possible that Jack might have used information from the first Vault site to discover another possible Vault on Elpis, that seems less likely than information to discovery the second Vault on Pandora (Warrior Vault). Elpis was the bigger prize, and was seemingly intended to stay secret; I highly doubt the Eridian guardians would have left information that would lead anyone directly to Elpis and uncover all knowledge of the Vaults. Secondly, any information Hyperion would have retrieved still needed to be translated and interpreted by an expert. I doubt there was a lone ECHO pad that revealed the Vault on Elpis in plain contemporary English, let alone in Truxican slang. Tannis was the only expert on the Vaults, and so far, it has not been disclosed that Jack apprehended Tannis any time before Elpis.

If anything, I would say that Jack is not a good or lucky guesser, but rather, an extremely practiced bluffer. Provided he can keep his composure, Jack would have 30 ranks in Bluff, with appropriate feats to boost that even further (to speak in D&D terms). He may not know that much, but he will make anyone believe that he knows much more than he lets on.

Bluffing and guessing aside, the question of how Jack obtained his knowledge is still unknown. My theory in my previous post still stands, though of course I could also be giving Gearbox much more credit than they deserve. We would just need to wait for BL3…

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I listened Maya’s backstory ECHOs (Siren’s Song) and Angel and Jack said:

Angel: “I’ve found a potential Vault Hunter, sir. You’ll definitely want to hear this. She’s a Siren.”
Handsome Jack: “…What?”
Angel: “Unlike Lilith, she seems to have no connection to Eridium, but --”

So… Jack doesn’t know about sirens and what her own daughter was… Or just half of the second game events he discovered? Or the “what?” wasn’t for “Siren”?

MAYBE these ECHOs (about each new Vault Hunter) have been recorded before The Pre-Sequel, when Jack search for VHs to help him… Just after Jack knew the truth about the Vault, The Warrior, Lilith and maybe sirens he realizaed about his daughter.

I know, Jack only tried to find new VHs, in BL2, to kill them and eliminate his competition, but this is another question that I have…

PS. sorry for my english.

The “What?” in that dialogue is used in the sense of “Are you kidding me? I can’t believe my ears!” sense, not a “I have no idea what that is, please explain” one. Gotta love those English idioms…

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Makes sense! Thanks for the explanation.