[QUESTION] texturing team / stripe / badges

The example ships do not have team colours or badges. I have managed to add team colours to the Kadeshi Swarmer as follows:

Any white areas in the texture file “Kad_Swarmer_TEAM.TGA” will be the team colour
Any white areas in the texture file “Kad_Swarmer_STRP.TGA” will be the stripe colour

However I haven’t managed to add a badge to the ship. Does anyone know how to do this?

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Yep, if they’ve made the example ships anything playable instead of two different SP enemies with no team colors and badges, things would have been clearer.

I believe you have to create a second uv channel, map the requisite polys to that channel, then apply a badge shader to those polygons. it is just a guess though.

I’ll push for us to get a different ship (or set of) out this week as Examples with more stuff in them - Badges & Glows - any other things we haven’t shown?


Animations. I seem to remember it’s just a matter of animating the ship in Max and calling the anim name in the madstate, but if there’s more to it than that people will be clamoring for an example.

Oh, also if there’s anything special about the joint hierarchies for harvesters or salvettes now.



Latch points

Background hods

Animation binding

Resourcing paths


Integral subsystems


Maybe I’m being foolish but I am examining the Taiidan Interceptor example and I still can’t see how the badges work… There seems to be nothing special about the texture files and I can’t find anything in the model at the points where the badges display… What am I missing?

There is a second uv channel there for the polygons that the badge sits on. Look at the material editor as well, that will help demonstrate what’s going on.

Thanks! I think I understand now. There are three Sub-Materials within the multi-material:

  1. The main one, shader=[ship]
  2. Thruster, shader=[thruster]
  3. Badge, shader=[badge]

Looking at the Kadeshi Swarmer example, only the [ship] and [thruster] sub-materials are present.

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Still can’t get this to work. With the Swarmer example I duplicated the ship material, renamed it to “MAT[Kad_SwarmerBadge]_SHD[badge]” and applied it to ID 3. I set a polygon to ID 3, and it displays the texture on that polygon fine, but not the badge…

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Did you map the polygon channel 2 uvs?

I have been having issues as well, basically the second UV channel may be scaled in a way that you are seeing a transparent section of the badge. I haven’t figure out how to scale the second UV channel without scaling the first one.

You need to save the second UV channel into a file.

Well I’ve succeeded in breaking the exporter trying to get badges to work right.

My approach before was to add a unwrapUV modifier to coordinate channel 2 or 3 depending on the ship for a few selected polygons, then in the editor selecting only the material channel and scaling up the selected poly UV to the editor unit box. then in the material editor assigning the badge material to the selected polys. This resulted in the badge showing up, but it wasn’t scaling in game the way it should based on how the second UV set was scaled.

my next try was to add a UVWmap on channel 2 before unwrapUV, this just locked max on DAE export and if I reloaded the model I needed to delete the polys, I couldn’t even do a remove UV on the selected mesh. collapsing the mesh just created a nightmare of trying to find the hidden bad polys.

If anyone has been successful it would be very helpful to get a workflow (which modifiers to apply in what order) especially if it is something that survives a modifier collapse operation since I need to do that a lot it seems to get orientations right.

I don’t know if it helps, but what I do in step by step nature simply for comparison (sorry if too detailed):

-I start with an Unwrapped model, UVs are all set but collapsed into the editable poly. The badge polygons are part of the mesh and share the UVs of the whole model, it’s the same as if you cut the badge polys aftewards.

-I select the needed set of polygons for the badge and apply Unwrap UVW to it.

-In the Channel panel I select the Map Channel 2. Max asks me if I want to Move or Abandon, I chose Move for convenience.

-I open the UV editor. Because I applied UVW Unwrap only to the badge polygons, these are all that shows in there. I go Mapping/Flatten Mapping and arrange the polygons to fit the square. I close the editor.

-Then back in the Channel submenu (with channel 2 still selected) I press Save and save the channel somewhere.

-Apply badge material (doesn’t matter if now or at the start).


I just did badges on my final mesh (previous one was just a test) and I can confirm that this method works with no problems and can be collapsed back into the editable poly. And I didn’t even expect I could use a single channel 2 for both badges on each side.


I didn’t have the save step, but I still get a crash on export to DAE. What did work is separating the selected mesh to its own MULT and following your steps and that did work, it may be an issue with versions. I am on Max 2011 with the newest DAE exporter for that version.

Internal to the engine a single MULT with many sub-materials is not much different to many MULT objects with a single material each - so if that’s what you have to do, you’re not really hurting much, FYI.

After a slightly gruelling session of trial and error, I have some success by the following method (2014 version):

Using a “mesh select” followed by “UVW map”, I created a texture map for each polygon. For the polygon where I want the badge to display, I used two “UVW map” modifiders. The first one was for channel 1 and the second one was for channel 2:

For the channel 2 UVW, I don’t see anything when I map it (because I have nothing assigned to channel 2 in the material), but I made the map a square where I want the badge to display. What I see in game is correctly located and scaled, but the badge is tiled…

I have tried turning off tiling for everything in channel 1 (in the material editor), but the badge is still tiled. I even tried adding something to channel 2 (I used bark for the sake of it) and turning off tiling but then the badge failed to display at all. Tiling appears to be turned on by default.

Your ‘badge’ geo shouldn’t go beyond 0->1 U/V - you’ve got it using a 5x3 (or so) area - so you see it tiling. Generally you’d want to chop the mesh using a box that represents the badge - and 0->1 UV just that sub-section of the mesh…

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Thanks, that works fine, I’ve added it to my basic tutorial.