Question to battleborn deva

Can battleborn please become cross platform play. That’d be really amazing for all people especially pc(play on Xbox). But it would be really great to play against other console communities.

Just what we need on PC, a bunch of Marquis running around with aim assist.

No thanks.

I play on PS4, it’s rare I even see Marquis. Most aim assist are on PC from what I’ve read.

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it beats never ending queuing for MM

Have fun with queue times.

Aim assist? Does anyone even keep that on? It always throws off my shots. :-/

On console there is always aim assist of some sort…

Bullet magnetism, etc., if it wasn’t there it would be almost impossible to hit shots.

No what we don’t need is a bunch of hackers playing with us console guys. PC players see hacking normal bc it happens to them alot we very rarely see it n I don’t want to…wouldn’t have a problem with XBone and ps4 cross play though


And that’s actually why I’ve played on console for years… I don’t have time to keep up with all the hacks and crap that PC players abuse… better to toss MS $40 a year and let them deal with it for me, so I can shoot things!

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Do we really need this to turn into a debate about how every party hates each other because every party sees itself as superiors to the other because of Arbitrary Reason X?

Is that something we really need to happen? It’ll only turn into a locked thread, you guys.

Guys, let’s not turn this into console wars, and apologies for contributing unintentionally. I’ve got a PS4 in the house too, that isn’t what this is about.

The fact is, the games have some fundamental differences in the way they work that wouldn’t necessarily be fair to pool them. Of course, the counter argument to that is that you can use a controller on PC. Maybe that explains some of the people with preternatural aim, I don’t know.

And aim bots exist on consoles as well, though not nearly as frequently I would think.

Who said anything about being superior? We just said we don’t want to deal with all of the rampant aim-bots and hacks on PC.

I think it’s perfectly fair to say that I would like a service I pay for to keep those issues away to stay separate from a free-to-play service that does not eliminate those nuisances.

This is a thread about combining the two platforms. I don’t want them combined. If I wanted to play with PC problems and issues, I would play on PC.

The Devs wanted crossplatform and most players wanted it as well - this topic gets discussed every now and then since the early times before the Technical Test aired.

As far as I remember the Devs said they´d love crossplatform but that it was not achievable. I don´t remember if they gave a certain reason, but I think it was the common reason: the bigger companies, so Microsoft, Sony and for PC Valve/Steam are still compeding in business.
Many many games wanted to imply crossplatforming, but these wishes always got crushed by those 3 big companies. When one of those says “No” theres not much to do about it…

I really hope Microsoft & Sony will realise soon that the market is filled and that competition in this fashion is more a bummer than doing good.
If my personal dream come true they all unite to release the “X-Station- π” so we can all gather on Solus.

But so far we´ve to wait and see.

XBOX has already stated they are willing to do cross-platform gaming, and have done it recently with PC via rocket league:

Which I have no issue with (love Rocket League!). I don’t want to deal with PC players in a competitive shooter though… it would be horrific IMO

Yeah, I heard that Microsoft is interested in such a thing, which is not so bad, but I´d rather play with PS4 people though, I don´t really want aimbots, hacks and all that stuff…

Xbone and PS4 crossplatform? GREAT!

PC and mouse aiming added in? BAD!

The issue about hacks on PC is legit, but what I would be way more concerned with is the ability for one station to run 120fps while it’s hardlocked to 30 on the other.
I also think a pad will never be able to beat a KB/M for reaction times and hard accuracy, but that may be debatable.

And Street fighter 5 has PC / PS4 cross-play, too :wink: