Question to the modders who worked on Remastered

During Remastered’s development I kept reading that modders from the community were involved in the development. Were these modders aware of how screwed up the Homeworld 1 remaster was? Did they speak out against this? I can’t imagine any of these modders would have liked or supported what was done in the Homeworld 1 remaster.

Not all of the modding community has any special attachment to HW1. I’ve not noticed any real difference in the rates of people who have/haven’t played any games, or in how they rate them comparatively, between modders and non-modders.

Think of the children!

I might ask if they were Homeworld 1 veterans, not Homeworld 1 ‘modders.’

That question was already asked in an effort to discredit the devs. Backfired on the guy asking the question. Dem transparent questions man.