[Question] What's the best non-ASE anointments for Moze?

Seeing it more and more in threads, people (specifically Moze players) are getting tired of not being able to weapon swap because you lose your anointment until you get Iron Bear again.

I was under the impression while autobear is active anointments would allow weapon swaps and keep that anointment… But was pretty disappointed when I actually tried it out and the anointments are just ASE as well. Personal opinion: this is ridiculous, these anointments are almost entirely useless.

So this leaves us a few options for anointments that allow us to switch weapons without constantly jumping in and out of IB. In your opinion, what’s the best ones to use out of these with Moze?

  1. Consecutive hits increase damage by 1%. How effective is this? I’ve never actually tried it for more than a few minutes. How well does it work with splash guns where you can’t always see what’s going on from all the explosions?

  2. Killing an enemy increase damage by 5% and reload speed. This one actually seems pretty great to use with DiB. What’s the catch here?

  3. Last 25% of enemy health, damage is increased 50%. This one could be decent as well? It’s a straight damage boost even though it’s only for the last 1/4 of their health it still seems useful. What’s some downsides of this compared to the others? On paper it looks good for larger enemies you aren’t killing quickly.


On a Grenade: Throwing a grenade increases damage for grenades, guns, and I think action skill. Forgot the specifics.


Consecutive hit anointment: is very niche to certain weapons as losing the bonus is much easier than the card states; briefly stop firing + reloading tends to reset.

5% / kill anoint; in most cases Moze is still better off with an airborne anointment (30% = 6 killstreak for price of a jump) or a sliding anointment (40% = 8 killstreak - for shotguns with a splatter gun artifact = 90%)

25% hp 50% dmg: really dont need that boost with that low of hp… mindsweeper procs tend to take 1/4 anyway (rarely instagibs from shield too)

OGT 25%: easily most bang for buck with mindsweeper procs; more deterrent from swapping as some nades can easily do enough damage to healthbars (when built for)


Another thing to consider is that the last 25% of health anointment isn’t always 1/4th of the enemies total health/shield/armor.

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1)Consecutive Hits is decent but you loose the bonus if you switch to another target before finishing the one you started on. Also I lost the bonus stopped firing at the same enemy for a couple seconds. Seems to inconsistent. Could be better.

2)I’m not a fan of 5% damage and reload because I generally use Blast Masta lately. Still get the damage bonus but reload is useless so I would rather use the airborn 30% or even the Sliding one.

3)Last 25% of health seems decent but in my opinion it has 2 major issue. First, when you are looking at enemies with 3 layers of health bars, the bonus is only active on the last part of their health bar. Second, flesh is generally not an issue for Moze(Stoke, Skag, Cloud) and that is the last health bar.


1 - I don’t like consecutive hits because I dont know how it works and never can build enough hits for it to be significant

2 - 5% is just a little too low to be good for a lot of basic fights. In SS though, it can be very strong, provided you can keep getting more that 5-6 kills in the 25 (edited) seconds. The stacks roll off 1 at a time based on when they started, so if you get 10-15 kills in 2 seconds, all those bonuses die at the same time. It’s an amazing buff for the Kyb’s or something if you have a lot of targets you know you’ll get the kill for. The other problem is that you’re still stuck keeping the same gun out, not allowed to swap or you lose the buff.

3 - I cant figure out a good use case for this over simple ASE, if you’re running an autobear-instant-out build, like it seems like you described. I’d prioritize the ones above first.

All that said,

I honestly think a good alternative is the +75% incendiary damage buff. Using a 160% splash can be strong, while keeping the 75% on the others. Might be a good choice for Rocketeer builds too.

One last thing: If you’re leap-frogging with IB, I find it useful to use a ASE+ on shield AND grenade mod (unless you’re staying out of IB for significant periods of time). If you’re resetting every 15 seconds or so, you get the 50%+/50%+ burst damage 66% of the time, which is very good, and that’s without even anointing your gun.

EDIT: It ultimately comes down to how you want your gameplay loop to go. What are your field targets/composition/density/type? If you plan ahead, you might have different weapons for each type. in my smg build, i use a westergun or kyb’s for general mobbing, but swap to a Scouge when overwhelmed and use Some for the Road to thin things out. Grizzled lets me get back in IB pretty quickly if i need it.


Honestly just so tired of this though. Airborn is easier to use than sliding, but man does it get annoying bunny hopping constantly. Such a dumb way to incorporate a damage bonus in my opinion. It should be everytime you jump you get the bonus damage for 5 or 10 seconds so I don’t cramp my hand haha.

Well that’s useless then.

Yeah this is easily the best, that’s why I didn’t even list it, I’m throwing grenades every 6 seconds anyway.

What do you mean by this?

Yeah it’s a pain in the ass and messes up my flow completely. I simply ignore this annoint.

I do often jump for defensive reasons but it’s not something that I’m actively trying to do repeatedly.

House of Pain “Jump, jump, jump, everybody jump, jump, jump, jump up, jump up and get down!” :exploding_head:


I’m thinking it isn’t worth it either based on opinions.

I was thinking more of a bonus to DiB stacks or PD stacks. Not really good on its own but if you’re stacking it with other gun damage kill skills it’s a nice little boost to those.

That’s true, but I don’t care nearly as much when it’s such a small boost anyway. It’s really probably not worth it because I contradict myself here haha.

Why this one over the 125% boost? I see no reason to ever use the autobear 75% boost because you can’t weapon swap.

Yeah that’s my problem here. I jump all the time, nearly constantly. But when I use this anointment I find myself jumping when I don’t want to, it’s a cons ant reminder that you aren’t getting the damage boost because you aren’t jumping.


On my pistol build, I keep the 125% on my flood (yes i made a flood melt the crap out of trash with that one anointment).

to clarify tho, I meant if you wanted to swap and planned to have autobear out. It’s the only anointment that allows you to swap and maintain some kinda bonus i think. The key gameplay loop would still involve swapping to your preferred anointed gun before activating Bear

lol feels

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Are you sure about this? I was just testing it and it wasn’t working for me, when I switched to a new weapon I wasn’t getting the fire damage anymore. Maybe I had a hiccup somewhere and didn’t only switch between guns with that exact anointment and any other anointment cancels it? If you’re sure I’ll go run tests again because that would make me happy enough to use for now.

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90% is off… it should work out to more, 40% (anoint) and 50% (artifact) are both multiplicative
The “splatter gun” artifact states “50% shotgun damage while sliding”
Anointment is damage increased by 40%


Ohh I didn’t make the connection there. I see what you mean now.

Big sacrifice to get that built though, damn. At first I was thinking some sick shotgun, forgot it was just an artifact.

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hm… I dunno. I have it on a Hawkin i keep as a backup when things get weird. I assumed it was working but it’s so rare, that i dont often swap to it. You know, I need to check without using any talent points just in case CoL or something is messing with my assumptions

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Also the night hawkin shoots fire rounds sometimes so there’s that too

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I’m a fan of the consecutive hits annointment for large boss type enemies like Billy the Annointed or the Fabricator since Moze can just drown them in bullets without needing to reload with the right gear. Not sure how much of a bonus you can get or if multiple projectiles count towards “consecutive hits”

I’ve also been playing around with the while airborne deal 30% extra damage.


I sometimes use non-ASE when playing Rocketeer, because the cooldown and non-Vampyr AB just dies.

  1. I think it’s decent with fast firing guns with magazines that you can sustain. I like it on my ION Lasers. Have some Infinities and 1 Shredifier with the anointment.
  2. No upfront damage, but I let AB build DiB and anointment stacks for me. Generally, I have them on weapons that I know I won’t be able to sustain or it’s encouraged to reload. Dahl SMG’s with x2. Tediore, in general. Not MIRV ones, obviously.
  3. I think of it as the sniper rifle anointment. I have it on my Monocle. If it fails to kill an enemy, the enemy is basically below 25%, so I guess it helps the Overkill damage? I could be wrong and it doesn’t even increase it that much. Another viewpoint that I’ve seen is using it with high fire rate weapons, but I don’t know the validity of that.
  4. The grenade one is excellent with a MS COM as mentioned. My favorite of the bunch because it’s accessible.
  5. Sliding shotgun + Splatter Gun artifact could be good. I haven’t tested it out. I hope it’s good.

Before the buffs, I thought these anointments to be a decent alternative. Not so much afterwards.

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The 40% shotgun damage on slide is wicked with a flakker. Just don’t kill yourself.

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i’m almost positive that the bonus damage while auto bear is active allowed weapon swap. perhaps the 75% buff broke this. last time i played around with a rocketeer build were months ago though.

I tried it with only switching between the same anointment and it wouldn’t work for me.

Unless this is yet another ps4 only thing.