Question zane new capstone

How do I use zanes new capstone to instantly freeze enemies? Im landing my shots and using 100% cryo damage annointments but it really doesnt do it as quickly as id imagined, im also using other elements do they cancel it out? What am I missing here?

100% cryo damage does not equal 100% cryo efficiency - even then it takes a number of shots at 200% + back when hex had extreme numbers even that didnt freeze instantly (think it was 1400%?)

  • also; the main effect of cryo is to slow enemies so it may be implying that

I think it may be a combination of a bunch of points in Brain Freeze and the purple capstone Our Man Flynt. I’m still experimenting with this myself. At the moment, I’m using regular strong cryo weapons, and then the MNTIS cannon for the finishing blow for some Brain Drain and Wetwork, but if I can get MNTIS to insta-freeze reliably, I’ll let you know.

Please note that what I’m about to say has nothing to do w/ the new capstone. The simplest way to achieve insta freeze via MNTIS is to equip a Frozen Heart or Frozen Snowshoe shield with the, on action skill start activate shield break effect, anointment.

The following is an example of what I’m describing at work.


That effect doesn’t work for elemental anointments, needs to be a cryo weapon.

I think the weapon you are using has to be cryo base for Our Man Flynt to cause insta-freezes. On the plus side, gearing yourself up with a bunch of ASE bonus elemental cryo weapons is the way to go anyways because bonus elements are based on the damage on the item card which is higher for cryo weapons to compensate for them not causing damage over time.

Yep, seconded. Only way to guarantee frozen enemies, though of course has to be in range. A.o.e and splash radius can increase the range though.

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Thirded. Use a frozen heart with Action skill start. I also like to use barrier to replace grenades so I can ‘cast’ an insta-freeze at will.

Then, make sure you’re using best served cold the Cryo nova on kill should share the effect of the shield, allowing MNTIS cannon’s on-kill nova to instafreeze other enemies in range of the one that popped.

I also need to test if the 500% elemental anointment can also share/cause the frozen heart effect. Otherwise, holding a 300/90 unforgiven will triple the damage (and therefor the healing) from the instafreeze.

If the 500 annointment freezes it should be able to be triggered by the MNTS cannon when it is set to Cryo.

Isn’t the MNTIS Cannon better for this? Like you can almost nova your way through a mob with a bunch of charges and good cooldown time. The Barrier can’t be cancelled, so it’s only good for one shot between its full duration, no? Even the Clone can be popped for a reset with Doppleganger.

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The weapon damage buff, and extra utility.

No reason to waste a mntis charge if I don’t have a shot.

Cool, calm and collected insta resets the mntis charges too.

Also. I just realised I was referring to the cannon in the previous post without actually mentioning it. I’ll edit to clarify.

Im confused with what you are saying.

Frozen heart nova instant freezes and heals. I get that.

You are saying that with frozen heart and best served cold skill, it also instant freezes? Bc it doesnt normally.

On a group of trash mobs, the best served cold nova of something killed by MNTIS will Receive overkill damage, which is usually enough to instafreeze the crowd around the target location.

Also some Cryo nova effects inherit the frozen heart’s freeze and health abilities. If one finds Moze’s nova on entry/exit anointment on a frozen heart shield, the frozen heart effect will occur on both entry and exit.

Best served cold may be causing a similar effect. Probably not though, because the origin of the nova is not the player.

Are you sure best served cold gets overkill? I remember it is only gun damage that gets that perk.

Now that you mention it, that rings a bell.
Overkill will work on the novas from things like the kaos (gun damage) but also on Moze’s terror reload anointment, so maybe it isn’t consistently gun damage only.

Either way the best served cold novas are helping to chain freeze mobs at the target. Perhaps it’s simply the mntis increased Cryo efficiency from the augment that converts the beam to Cryo.

I ended up just getting cryo weapons with cryo sntnl annoint and an artifact that increases cryo efficiency, using a rad old god with ase rad and switching out nades with ase for weakness targeting. Need to find an ice breaker victory rush with increase mag size though really wanting to try and max out a trick shot mag now for fun.