Questions about Alani [Lore]

I’m very much about the lore of this universe. I’m still currently working on unlocking 2 more of Alani’s lore challenges, so I apologize in advance if some of these are have already been answered, but I’ve got some burning questions that I’m hoping someone might help me with.

  • How did Alani escape Akopos and come to join the Battleborn?

  • Some of the Eldrid faction members have very long lifespans. Does this also apply to Alani’s species? How old is she right now, and Is her youthful demeanor simply relative to the long lifespan of her kind?

  • How does Alani know Galilea? In her audio lore Alani struggles to send Galiliea a message and tries to say that she misses her. Since Galiliea was originally Eldrid it seems possible they knew each other from sometime before Galilea left on her undercover mission?

  • Is Alani’s use of the nanotech that manipulates liquids common among her order or something she did independently?

  • From the current lore it sounds like Alani’s people may have spent the majority of their time underwater (Alani has a line of respawn dialogue about forgetting how her lungs work). How did they communicate underwater?

Kill Ambra 25 times to s ee. Or! SPOILER - Ambra and a bunch of sisters went to kill them all, because they wanted the resources of a fresh water planet. She somehow ended up on Ambra’s ship, while the other Sun sisters boiled the whole planet. Alani destroyed everything in retaliation, took Ambra’s ship, and left.
I don’t know that one yet, but I’d imagine she’s actually pretty young. She escaped after Rendain took over, if I remember correctly.
Galilea was not Eldrid like Thorn or Melka, I believe. Different race, but I’d have to re-read her lore to be sure. Pretty sure they both joined the Hylican Corps or something, to fight the Jennerit.
Her race had many water benders. And it never explicitly says that that’s what it’s for, to the best of my knowledge.
Sounds travel in water, too. Maybe their vocal chords could adapt to the increased sound movement speed or something?

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