Questions About Changes

So I haven’t gotten in depth with the handsome collection but played this game religiously on PS3 and loved a lot of the glitches etc within the game… Just a few questions, have things such as the merge glitch been patched on next gen consoles? Also being able to “level” to 72 via target dummy method, is that patched a well. im just curious to how much of the original bugs etc are still in the next gen versions

Most are still there, but the mods don’t like us talking about exploits on the official forums. Their house , their rules kinda thing. So maybe you see this answer before this gets vanished. Lol.

I understand that lol it’s not like I’m arranging to exploit, just curious as to whether they just buffed the graphics, or actually fixed some things that were wrong

Yea. You can still do the glitches.