Questions about desperate measures

When using desperate measures, does damage increase all the way down to 1hp? For example if I have 4 into thin red line I have 20% of my health left , but at 5 points I have 0% left and it’s all reserved. Does this difference increase the damage, or do you already get the full increase once you drop below a specific percentage?

Damage increases the whole way down. If you have 3 Desperate Measures and reserve 80% of your hp then you’ll get 80% of the 50% gun damage (So 40% here).

Do you get any bonus while at full health? Or does it start to check at like 80% health?

At full health you get 0% bonus because you have 0% missing health. The minute you have some health missing it’ll give you a bonus proportional to how much is missing.

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I assumed that’s how it worked, thanks for the answer!

Other than doing this organically by letting yourself get yourself get torn up during combat, what gear-based options are on the table for this? Deathless relics and Front Loader shields?

Deathless artifact, the Frontloader, and Bloodletter/Low-Life class mods. Keep in mind that Loaded Dice artifacts and shields with turtle parts do not reserve health, but instead reduce your max health.

I don’t remember seeing any health reduction stats on the Bloodletter or Low Life? Like certain varieties will put points in Thin Red Line, but they don’t themselves drop one’s health?

You can roll Thin Red Line on both of those class mods; each point into Thin Red Line reserves 20% of your health as shields.

Does Phalanx Doctrine and Desperate Measures apply to Iron Bear as well?
When I jump into Iron Bear, both PD and DM icons disappear.

Iron Bear has to get his own PD stacks. Desperate Measures is based on Moze´s health, but if i remember correctly, only IB´s left harpoint gets PD and DM. Right arm is unaffected by those.

Oh wow, did not know! Weird that only one arm gets it.

DM has been fixed so that it applies to both arms. PD is the only skill that currently does not apply to both arms.

Ah, yeah. Wasn´t really sure anymore, only that drowning in brass got fixed recently to apply to both arms.