Questions about developers chests and breaking maps

I’m going to preface this by saying I know nothing about game design or development but I’ve played a lot of older generation games for a long time (Sega, NES, N64,etc) Many of them have short easy to memorize levels with various ways to play them.
Most of these games taught us to play the game through basic steps. The first levels set the tone for the rest of the game.
Here is how to jump, how to die, this is how to damage enemies and so on.

The prologue in Battleborn starts us off as a bouncy Space Elf named Mellka. The game tells us to use skills to reach higher areas and even that certain skills must be used to find otherwise unreachable areas of the map.

We are rewarded with helix points or hidden posters in areas that are blatantly off of the map.

What is the point in teaching players to search off the map? This same tactic was used to teach players to find the negative 1 area (and other secrets) in Super Mario Bros by walking on the false ceiling/floor in order to get extra lives.

Later on in operation 4 we are taught to avoid invisible walls in order to activate a book which in turn teaches us to avoid an invisible wall in operation 2 in the same manner.

Are there any other instances in Battleborn where the player is taught to do something that doesn’t quite make sense? Please help us compile a list of these potential learning situations. Maybe we can find an answer to some of these questions?

The next map up is the Algorithm.
We’ve known there are two helix points under the map if you follow the pointing robot arms but there is one arm in the beginning that is strange. If you trip the red lazers/alarm this robot arm will wag it’s finger at you as if to say no. (Also activates a challenge and a mission)

This can be avoided by flying either to the side of the bridge or below it. If you fly low enough it’s possible to not trigger any objectives at all and get inside of the map through this well placed hole.

We can move on to trigger different objectives from inside the walls as if we were a spy avoiding lazers. The vent shard can even be broken without opening the door to the shard by using boomsday. As far as I am aware this will cause the boss to not activate in the next room but more experimenting is needed.

It’s possible to grab the two developers chests and reach the end without activating any mission objectives at all. This will also cause the game to not advance.

The game does advance if you kill the first boss and activate the pad in the security room. Geoff and the frost golem are not required to beat the level. Level ten is attainable before even crossing the last bridge which imo backs this theory up.

Who knows if any of this will lead anywhere but the robot arm has me confused. Thanks for reading! I’d love to hear your thoughts.

It all began with the first Borderlands, the player could drive a vehicle off the map and survive.
If they lived they would find the secret Dev chest.
There was even a very slim chance of making it out alive.

That same spirit is the Bandit room in BL2.
There on the way to the Warrior you have to die to enjoy the secret.


I totally forgot about those. That’s cool.

Huh… Never heard of those… Well I guess I got some things to check out…