Questions about DPS & Item Score

How exactly do I figure out a guns dps?
How is the weapons item score figured/calculated?

Bonus ? - I’ll try to explain this best i can. In weapon window, under the stats (dmg, accuracy, etc.), there are bonuses (+15% weapon dmg) in white letters. Are those already calculated into the main stats above?
Example: A weapon does 10 dmg, and has a +20% weapon dmg bonus. Is the total dmg now 12? Or was that 20% already added to make it 10 dmg?

To answer your question simply YES, those + stats are already in the final damage, etc. Like a gun with the -25% damage, it is already in the total damage on your screen

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A combination of comparisons involving gun damage, fire rate, reload speed, and character bonuses from skills, gear, and guardian ranks (where applicable)

Based off damage, handling, reload time, fire rate, magazine size, and item rarity I think.



Hey thanks fellas. Though I’d hoped there would be a simple way I could calculate what a guns dps is.

DPS is a really finicky metric to calculate at the best of time. It gives you a sort of idealized version of damage output. The calculation doesn’t have a reliable way to account for how accurate you are with the gun.

Bl3 makes this worse by adding a decently complex damage formula on top of it. Lastly to make it even worse an item card doesn’t necessarily contain all required information, hidden pellets are the most obvious example of this. So unfortunately taking the gun into combat is the only decently reliable way to really know how powerful a gun is.

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