Questions about endgame

Hi, been playing the series for along time now but I never really dug into the endgame on bl2 until now. Evidently the game has changed massively since its release back in the day. Anywho, I’m a level 40 sal, going with a pure weapon dmg build. On tvhm I’m getting my ass handed too me. Seems like I manage to get maybe one or two kills before I go dbno. What should I be doing at this point to make my life a little easier? I definitely plan on going for uvhm and getting through all the OP levels.

Moved you to the Gunzerker question since you’re likely to get more appropriate advice here.

First off, please fill out your current build at, then copy and paste the resulting link into a post here so we can see how you’ve put your character together.

You mentioned level 40 - what level are the current missions you’re having difficulty with?

Have a look at my skill guide, it will put you on the right track :slight_smile:

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