Questions about fair use of HWR assets

Hi! I’m not only an HWR fan i also like to consider myself a “technical artist”, i like to learn tools that allow me to express myslef both artistically and digitally… So apart from my webdesigner/programmer/sysadmin job, in my spare time I am learning to make videos in Unreal Engine 4. So far i have published 2 of them: My grilfriend’s flat and An imaginary representation of the building of strasbourg cathedral nothing fancy… I know… I just want to learn by doing :wink:

Now the question is:

I’m so inspired by my exploits in HWR that i am thinking about making a video based in the universe in which i’d love to use HW models and maybe even the “adagio for strings” WITH NO INTENTION TO EARN MONEY WHATSOEVER. I’d just like to make some fanart and have fun while doing it.

What limitations would I face in my endeavour? Should I totally stop with my idea and look for 3d models elsewhere?

Thanks for taking time to answer my questions :slight_smile:


This is one for @Jeffybug to answer.

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Video shouldn’t be a problem. Technically this is also a video with Homeworld ships:

Fanart is fanart.

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Adagio for Strings might be a problem, it’s still under copywrite.

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Thanks for the tips, guys, i am working in the environment and illumination for now :wink: i hope @Jeffybug lets me use adagio… I’ll look into another music for now :slight_smile:

Adagio doesn’t belong to Gearbox, they only have a right to use it, just so you know.

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