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I’m creating this thread because I would like to know more about:

HW1 and HW2 GWs and Hyperspace Inhibitors

In this post on Homeworld Remastered 2.3 Players Patch thread, @Cloaked pointed out that, since Hiigarans and Vaygr are two asymmetrical races, it could have been intentional that they had two different names for the same module. This is okay since Vaygr where introduced in hw2c and the other playable race was only Hiigaran. I don’t think Relic could have guessed that one day in the future HWRM would become a thing and that HW1 and HW2 races would be present on the same match (HW1 races have GWs too like Vaygr, only Hiigarans seems to have Hyperspace Inhibitors).

I made some research and stumbled upon these pages:

What I’m understanding here is that Hyperspace Inhibitor is the (passive) technology that prevents “hyperspace events” (both ingoing and outgoing) from happening (that is: if you are inside, you can’t leave; if you are already in hyperspace and you trajectory passes inside the hyperspace inhibitor field, then you are pulled out from hyperspace at the limit of said field) and Gravity Well Generator is the (active) technology that renders fighters and corvettes unable to move.

HW1 Attack Bombers and HW2 Bombers

Is there any reason why they dropped the “Attack” on the HW2 variant? If I remember correctly, now even HW1 bombers are great against subsystems, so is there any difference?

HW1 Assault Frigate and Vaygr Assault Frigate

The first is anti-corvette and anti-frigate (anti-figher only if they are trapped in a GW), and the latter is more anti-fighter than anti-corvette. Why they share the same name? (Again, I think it’s because they were both fine when they were implemented in their respective games, but now they are just confusing me: the same name means two different things, and only the context gives the proper meaning). Also, is there a difference between attack and assault? Is an assault heavier than an attack (like, you aren’t just on the offense, but you also need to take a position)? Because if it is… well, the Vaygr Assault Frigate would have a bad time pulling that off…

For example, I know that Cruisers have two different names if they are HW1 (Heavy Cruiser) or HW2 (Battlecruisers), but I can see difference because the former doesn’t have an hangar nor subsystems nor anti-fighter weapons, while the latter has them all. And about the difference beetwen salvage and capture, again here I can see the difference, because the steps to accomplish one or the other are different.

Since I would like to release a mod that aims to improve the italian localization (and simplify it if possible), can I ask you guys if there is any more info you want to share? Some piece of lore I’m missing? Did I get something wrong? Do you have any strong feelings about this?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

(My questions may sound nonsensical or I may sound too pragmatic, but in order to improve something, first I need to know what it is that I am improving).

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The GWG also had, and I assume still has, the hyperspace blocking effects of the hyperspace inhibitor, and if forced I’d justify it lorewise as a combination of fighters being improved enough to make GWGs impractical, and hyperspace inhibitors thus being the same tech but tuned to be lower intensity, possibly over a wider area, to still provide the hyperspace blocking without as much strain on the emitter. Similar things were also present in the campaign, with the kadeshi and the bridge of sighs.

But the other questions, and partially the first one too, are really only answerable as being from different games, with different conventions. They’re from different era in lore too, a lot can change in millitary doctrine over a century.

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Like the difference between Capital Ships and Super Capital Ships?