Questions about Hyperius (UVHM)

Was looking at the wiki entry on Hyperius and noticed this:

The shield of Hyperius prevents most elemental damage and reduces non-elemental damage.

Is that correct? I was under the impression that orange shields reflected bullets rather than allowing them through.

Second question: what shields would you recommend for a siren for this fight (level 72 op 0)? Would a leg. Fabled Tortoise be something to consider?

I don’t think it lets them deal damage on Constructors, but for Hyperius roughly 10% damage from the bullet is dealt as well as the bullets reflecting back.
I had thought that the Immolate glitch had been patched, so Fabled Tortoise will just cripple you. A Hoplite was often considered to be better for that anyways.
That being said, Maya’s beehawking produces nice damage on most raid bosses, especially Hyperius and his minions.

Sorry, doublepost

OK - thanks for the feedback. I was looking at some of the posts and wiki entry on the Tortoise trying to figure out what to do with it since I found one; still not sure about it - guess I’ll just have to try a few things out! Don’t have a Bee for my siren yet, but I might see if I can get something nice from Spycho in the meantime (right now just running with a FotFH and an adaptive shield as backup.)

Edit: Would also like to know if H’s minions heal him, or if he has health regen or steal? While attempting him the other day with a friend, we both thought his health bar refilled quite suddenly on at least one occasion.

Edit 2: The constructor thing doesn’t surprise me because their shield really only protects the eye (crit spot); you can still deal reduced damage on the body.

Hyperius’s minions do not heal him, but all of them must be damaged and in their repair state. He also does not have a life steal. He does however have his enrage (we’ll get to that).
The Bee adds quite a bit of damage, but with a Legendary Cat COM (or Cat COM in general), Maya can deal a lot of damage with a Sandhawk regardless.
Since you play as Maya, maybe you should focus on taking all but one of the minions out, then damage the final one into a repair state, then unload on Hyperius. It gets much more dangerous when he starts jumping around though, just a heads up.
You will need constant ways to heal (usually by swapping to Grog and either firing a weapon or chucking a grenade, and this applies to the whole fight, not just the enrage), but you can still take him out with that Sandhawk. Just be sure to have a fire one for him and a corrosive one for the minions.
Also, it in a sense is easier to fight him with multiple people as he automatically sets the game to “4 player mode”, meaning he has the same health solo as he does with four people.

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Thanks again - last time I tried was with a friend playing Axton. Got nailed on the jumping phase every time, but I also didn’t have a great shield. Just got a Neogenator last night, and will try again for a Bee.