Questions about Hyperspace Jumping

I was wondering why there doesn’t appear to be a way to select specific objects to hyperspace to (at least that I’m aware of, please correct me if I’m wrong) and can only use the purple movement disc. It’d be pretty cool if you could for example hold down some key combination with a right mouse click (maybe SHift+J+Right Mouse Click?). But would that be overpowered in multiplayer? Is hyperspace jumping intentionally cumbersome for that reason?

It’s definitely not a bad thought. It’d actually be super-nice to have the ability to hyperspace as if you clicked on a ship for your fleet to move to.

You mean hyperspacing directly to a BC or a fleet instead of a point in space? Like a guard option but for hyper space option?

That sounds interesting but from a sci-fi point of view, ships don’t change direction in hyperspace…like ever.

I’m not what you meant about ships not changing direction in HS, I think he was just talking about being able to select an object HS to, in much the same way as the guard function works as you said.

I think it’s a nice idea personally, it’d save a lot of time messing around with camera angling trying to get the exact exit point when simply trying to move a ship from A to B.

I see. That does sound helpful.

Yeah, basically I was thinking it’d function analogous to the way normal movement works where after selecting one of your units you then right click on any object (whether it be a craft, a resource node, or whatever) to move to it. So to hyperspace a selected unit to an object you’d use some kind of key combo with a right click. Just a thought.