Questions about loot haxorz

We’ve been running this a lot lately, and I’ve been wondering what the ‘best’ mutators are for us. Obviously, this will depend on what class and gear you’re using, but as an example let’s say you’re an explosive build Claptrap.

There’s a mutator that gives bonus damage to shotguns, splitters, and melee attacks; another that gives bonus damage to Torgue weapons, and a third that gives bonus damage when hip-firing guns. My primary gun that I use with him is a Ravager (and I’m always hip-firing), so what would be the best in that scenario? Does each mutator have a different % increase in damage, or do they all have one flat bonus?

Sorry if my wording is poor, it’s kinda early but I wanted to post this before I forgot!


Answer… YES!


Does the Vault Hunter have what it takes to survive the Appetite for Destruction round? I think we all know the answer to that: maybeeeeeee.


So good dude. sooo so good. I love the Lexington lines. he is prob my fav character in all of borderlands.

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lol yep he’s one of the few characters I’m not totally sick of. His lines still crack me up.


If my 1+ year old memory serves me correct, the…

  • Hip fire mutator is +50% additive damage
  • CQB is +100% additive damage
  • I never tested the Torgue one/I forgot I tested it.

Ahhh so they are all different. That makes sense though since (for example) the hip fire bonus applies to everything, whereas the others are only for specific weapon types. Thanks for answering!

I’m not the smartest guy in the world…what would be the best way to go about testing these? Should I just reset my skills and go in at like lv. 1 with each mutator and see how much damage I do with the different weapons/bonuses?

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Just go in there with a max level character and unspec all your skill points at the New-U in the arena. Then just turn off your BAR and un-equip/pick an Oz kit and COM that won’t effect your test.

  • Wear your preferred defense shield so you don’t die while you test.
  • Always test at the lowest number of slices, as the bonuses from the mutators don’t change based on your slice count.
  • Bring in the easiest version of what you want to test. So for an example I wanted to test CQB, so I brought a Striker because it was the easiest shotgun to reliably land all of the projectiles. Then I just took the highest damage I consistently got from it, and divided it by the card damage.
  • Just remember something like a Torgue pistol has 100% splash, so don’t forget to take that into account.

I was originally going to make a guide on the Mutator arena, but I couldn’t reliably get the percentages for things like the negative reload speed on the half angel-half devil mag mutator. And I didn’t want/know how to use 3rd party software, so I dropped the project.


…alright, maybe I won’t test all of this. lol I didn’t even think about stuff like splash damage.

Oh well, I definitely appreciate your help/answers! Kinda sucks people never got into this as much as BL2, but that’s the way it goes I guess.