Questions about loyalty rewards

So I want a Naught shield on my Aurelia but I don’t have Tales from the Borderlands (yet). I also searched some other topic that said the season pass had to bought before all episodes were out to receive the rewards so:

  1. Can I still get a Naught shield myself?
  2. My friend actually has these things and said he can throw it my way but can I use it if don’t own TftB myself?
  3. These things are one time rewards, right? So if I wanted one with different parts I can’t do anything about it then?

finally a question about Bullpup. I could test this out myself but I’d need to play another character all the way to Concordia so I’d rather just ask: many top gear lists have Bullpup as a suggestion for a shotgun, but you get it at the start of the game. How am I supposed to get a higher level one or does that thing simply level up with you similar to Contraband skyrocket?

p.s. I frigging hate the fact that unique gear, especially good gear, is being hidden behind a paywall for other games. I’m fine with loyalty skins and heads but this is just infuriating.

Yes. I don’t have TftB either but I have used the Naught.

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OK, that one question down. Thanks.


No it does not level with you. They patched a glitch in the game that allowed you to start a new character, and then exit out of the Animation of the beginning story and not select a character, but instead back out and load up your current character. When you did this, the Bullpup would be at the level of said character. I did this a ton. I have a set of Practicable Bullpups in Shock, Fire, Corrosive. I never ended up getting the cryo version. I wanted that one the most and it never happened for me. Since the patch, you can no longer exploit that glitch. So, at this point someone would have to either trade, or gift/give you the item(s). :slight_smile:

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Thanks. I guess I’m not going after that one then.

I guess the only thing that still needs clearing seeing as I can use the shield I’m going to get from my friend is the Naught #3 of is it possible to farm for parts on it or am I going to be stuck with whatever my friend pulls out of Shift machine?

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I don’t think so. I am not positive as it has been quite a while since I have been able to pull anything out of the Shift machine. The only way to tell, is to go check the shift machine and then dboard. load back up and see if the parts/stats change.

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Right-o. I might try the trade forums for it too, then. I’d really like to get one with max recharge rate.


I’m playing on PC via Steam.

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I’m on Xbone. hopefully the cross compatibility isn’t too far down the road. Good luck. :+1:

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